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April 22, 2020

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… in the National Football League.   Even for beleaguered Giants and Jets fans, like yours truly.

The annual NFL Draft starts tomorrow, and I’ll be watching, as I do every year.   This will be a strangest draft since… well, forever.   In the past decade or so, ESPN and the NFL network have made the draft a huge televised event, with thousands of fans in attendance and top college players being flown in from all over the country to enjoy their moment of glory when their names are called.    Not this year.  Thanks to Covid-19, there will be no big party in Las Vegas, no green room crowded with hopefuls praying they won’t slide, no stars-of-tomorrow parading up on stage to get a jersey from Roger Goodell.  The teams will all be working from their own war rooms, or maybe virtually, and the players will be at home.

Considering that the draft began many decades ago with a bunch of guys sitting at card tables and shuffling index cards, maybe this is a throwback year.   When you stop to think of it, it is amazing that the NFL has made a huge televised extravaganza of a show where something significant happens every ten to fifteen minutes or so.

The Giants, courtesy of the truly dismal season they had last year, get to pick fourth.   If their season had only been a little MORE wretched, they might get to draft Chase Young out of Ohio State, who is widely regarded as the best player in the draft.  Alas, he will probably be snapped up by the Redskins, who pick second.   There is a lot of buzz about this year’s quarterbacks, but the G-Men got their new young signal caller last year when they picked Daniel Jones, so they won’t be playing that game… though their GM has stated that he is open to trading down if someone really wants to jump up to grab Tua or Herbert (Burrows will probably be gone with the first pick, to the Bengals).  If Big Blue stays put, Mel Kiper and Todd McShay both have them drafting the linebacker out of Clemson, Isaiah Simmons, a defensive stud.   Other mocks show them taking an offensive tackle instead, to protect Daniel Jones.   There are four good ones in this draft, it seems.   The ideal outcome, for me, would be for the Giants to grab Simmons with the fourth pick, and get one of those big tackles at the top of the second round… assuming one drops that far.   That may be too much to hope for, however.  And knowing the Giants, they are just as likely to go a different way entirely and surprise everyone, as they did last year.

The Jets pick eleventh, since they had a somewhat better (losing) season.   The mock drafts are all over the place for them.  Then again, by the time you reach eleven, all the mocks are worthless anyway.   All it takes is one team zigging when the “experts” have them zagging, and everything below that is up for grabs.   Myself, I think Gang Green should grab a wideout.   There a bunch of good ones coming out this year, and the Jets lost Robby Anderson, their best receiver, in free agency.  Sam Darnold needs someone to throw to.

Beyond the draft, though, the real question is whether or not we are going to have an NFL season at all in 2020.   Yes, training camp is months away, and the season openers even further out… but if the coronavirus is still raging unchecked by then, packing tens of thousands of fans into a stadium is a recipe for disaster.   As much as I love my NFL Sundays, I hope the NFL will do the prudent thing if the virus has not abated by then.   Life may be meaningless and full of pain for Jets and Giants fans, as I have asserted many a week these past few seasons after watching my teams lose and lose and lose… but it is still life.   And as Tyrion Lannister once said, life is full of possibilities.

((I am going to turn comments on for this one, but only for talk about the draft and the NFL season.   Off comment posts will be deleted)).

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  • Chris says:

    Andrew Thomas looks like he could block a runaway dump truck. He’ll open things up for Barkley and protect Jones. Jets, as always, seem like they’re throwing darts in the dark.

    • scott L says:

      What are you talking about Chris? First off the jets filled their biggest need – OT, WR, EDGE AND CB. They also added high character guys which is huge to create a culture of winning. 6 OF THE PLAYERS SELECTED WERE TEAM CAPTAINS!!!

      hopefully i can change your misinformed decision, please have a read then tell me if u still think they are “throwing darts in the dark”

      1st round:
      The Jets grabbed a monster of LT in Mekhi Becton. All the analysts argued over who is the best OT right now of the top 4, but they all agreed Becton has the highest potential…He is 6″7 345lbs and ran a 5 SECOND 40!! That is insane! Plus, despite playing in a new offense his jr and sr year, his technique is very good. He is already a great run blocker which is huge for the Jets and will develop his technique for pass blocking – although just his size will be a great deterrent! Remember, a QBs best friend is not a WR or TE or even a good oline…it is a good running game. Lev Bell is going to have a bounceback season bc the oline is so much better.

      Round 2
      the jets were able to trade down 11 spots, pick up an extra 3rd rounder and STILL get one the highest-rated WRs, who is also a great scheme fit playing the Y WR in Denzel Mims – 6″3 and ran 4.4, size and speed. A little raw but he has good hands and can go up and get balls. He is a bigger version of Robbie Anderson until he develops his route tree.

      In round 3
      -the jets took a S – which you may think “why do that when they have adams and maye?” The reason is bc this guys is so versatile, can play slot corner or OLB…and Greg Williams likes to play 3 safety packages and this guys is perfect for it!
      -And they took, a DE with high upside who would’ve gone in rd 1 or 2 if not for injuries…

      Round 4:
      -backup QB – which is smart bc instead of paying a veteran one $8-$10 million/yr, you have a young one for $900k per year.
      – a highly rated rb to compliment bell (again, running game = QB best friend)
      -another really good OT who will switch to guard – was team MVP. Fell to 4th bc he played at small school, but pl;ayed really well vs Clemson and their top rated edge rusher.

      Round 5:
      -Jets got what many experts are calling one of the steals of the draft in CB Bryce Hall. He would’ve been a top 15 pick if he came out last year, but he didnt and hurt his ankle. He will be healed and ready to go for training camp. Also really high character guy and fills a huge need!

      Round 6:
      – jets drafted a punter. I dont like this pick but a lot of people do. He was considered by far the best punter in the draft and won ray guy award for punter of the year. Fills a need, but hopefully jets dont punt as much as they did last year.

  • Wilson Gardner says:

    As long as Ser Patrek of King’s Mountain has nothing to celebrate all will be well.

  • SmoochPooch says:

    Yay, Football. This is why we are here.

  • Javi Marcos says:

    Hi! Javi Marcos from Spain here. I became an NFL fan years ago to understand what you were posting in those posts (is not exactly a popular sport in Europe, even with the International Games in London) and now I love it and I even talk in podcasts about it, haha.

    Alas for you, I am a Patriots fan, because I support all the Boston teams in any American sport, because I lived there for half a year when I was a kid. So my question is: do you think the reign of terror of Patriots is over in AFC East (and I would even say AFC) with Brady going to retire in sunny Florida? Or while the Triarch Belicho is in charge we will still be winners? I don’t see yet your Jets (os Dolphins) as contenders in the division, I am sorry to say…

  • Rob Sherman says:

    How do you feel about the Giants pick? Certainly an area of need especially facing the Chase Young and DeMarcus Lawrence for years.

  • Ibbison says:

    Comments are finally on! Yay!
    Yesterday I was going to recommend an OT for the Giants, because that’s what would help both Jones and Barkley the most. Barkley is almost as important as the QB for NYG. You have to get the most out of your investment. They took the safest tackle. Good move.
    The Jets were right at the sweet spot between the OTs and the WRs and they properly took the OT. They can get a WR in Rnd2, and even have enough ammunition to move around if they want to.
    Gute screwed up the Packers again. They need the picks they used on Love for other choices if they are going to make a run in the next two years, and that’s gone now. Those two picks will be sitting on the bench doing nothing. This basically crushes Aaron’s hope for another ring.

    • Ibbison says:

      Replying to myself-
      After day 2, it has become obvious that Gute has pulled the trigger on a wholesale turnover on the offense. Given the structure of the contracts for Rodgers and the recent free agent acquisitions, it was planned last January. The Packers were already looking at a cap crunch next spring. The Great Pack Cap Massacre has been scheduled for the Ides of March, 2021.

  • David says:

    Well, Daniel Jones got some protection. I can tell you it was a long night here in the UK for a Colts fan, with no first round pick. I was hoping for Jordan Love, but hey ho. Do you have your eye on anyone for tonight?

  • Luke Hartwig says:

    That Georgia OT is a beast! Decent pick, they shoulda grabbed tWirfs from Iowa who went to teh loaded buccs…

    • I just hope that the NFL can do anything at all this year game wise….I feel like half of Buffalo will riot if they can’t see their precious Bills play….not that that ever seems to work out to well for them….even if we came so close last year…

  • Max Anderson says:

    Giants got their OT! I couldn’t be happier. Andrew Thomas was little talked about but no one really had anything bad to say about him. I did watch film of other people watching film on him before the draft and he looked like a stud. He moves his feet well, knows how to use his long arms, and he’s athletic enough to get to the second level. The Giants haven’t had a lineman who could make a push up front and finish guys in the dirt in years and Thomas can do both of those. This guy could bring a much needed tenacity to the team. This pick was also needed for Barkley and Jones. They’re your offense and you have to support them while they’re still young. The Giants have to go up against the likes of Demarcus Lawrence of the Cowboys, the whole Eagles defense who has had big blues number for a decade, and now the generational talent in Chase Young of the Redskins; you need a lineman who can help fight against them. Very excited as a Giants fan. I’m not a Jets fan but I’ve watched enough of them to know they desperately need a WR. Becton isn’t a bad choice but I thought a wideout would have been better for Sam Darnold. Today I hope the Giants draft a wideout like Higgins from Clemson or Mims from Baylor. They need a big target for Jones. I wouldn’t be upset if they drafted a center, pass rusher, or even another offensive tackle. I’m hopeful yet again for the next season. Go G-men!
    Take care George! I just finished ASOS for the third time and started AFFC again. Also reading the first Wild Cards book right now and I’m really enjoying it.

  • Taylor Stewart says:

    Are you concerned that the corona virus could potentially delay next season? If they do delay next season, please don’t take it out on the characters in your books too much…

    • Pat Byrne says:

      There is talk of playing the football games in front of empty stadiums. MLB is going to be the test case. I don’t see any way to mitigate risk for the players, who will all be sharing germs if they play. You gotta think that the players unions will be involved in any such plans. Pandemic clauses may need to be hammered out in the CBAs. What a weird time.

      Did you see that the MMA/UFC guy wants to host a fight on an island on Tachi-Yokuts tribal land? He said he’s gonna bring all the fighters there and have them train in advance, then fight a tournament. The whole thing sounds like the plot to a Jean Claude Van Damme movie. I’ve never paid for UFC but I might for this one.

  • Connor says:

    The Cowboys might be terrifying with Cooper, Gallup and Lamb next season. I like the Jets pick in Mekhi Becton. He is truly a mountain of a man. Jets fans will hope he’s The Mountain That Blocks.

  • Tanya. says:

    Did you like soccer or only American football?

  • Dilek says:

    Jets fan here

    Davis is a baller. He doesn’t complain, he’s always in the right spot, and most encouraging thing is he improved every year he touched the field. He lacks some strength, but I’m glad he picked him. My one concern is he played in a system that bred great defensive players, but that’s ridiculous.

    Overall I’m very excited about our draft this year. Obviously, who knows how they turn out, but we hit positions of need while also getting high character, athletic players who are known for working their ass off. I’m optimistic about them! At the same time I am suffering but as Charette Bronte once said:
    “But, if all melted like a dream, as once before had happened—?”

    I am afraid to hope. But here we go: COME ON J-E-T-S!!!

    ps: —Her best book is Villette, not Jane Eyre—

  • FauxIDs says:

    For as much grief as Gettleman (deservedly) receives, the Giants have quietly put together a nice draft. Thomas is the best OT in this class (which will help Jones tremendously), McKinney is extremely versatile and also at the top of his class, and Peart and Holmes are solid depth. It’s not sexy but it’s very good.

    And the Giants are going to need it because the Cowboys have had a tremendous draft. Ugh.

    I won’t comment on the Jets because I don’t want to spread any bad vibes.

  • Richard Oakley says:

    I have a sneaky feeling that had Tyrion Lannister been available, the Jets would have drafted him as a WR. Not that I am suggesting the Jets don’t know what they are doing, for a minute. The Jets and the other 31 teams looked to have drafted for need and hole filling. It helped that it was a deep draft class.

    The virtual draft was a success. The fundraiser for Covid-19 raised $100m – a stunning success.

  • Krish says:

    I miss the times where we could comment on things. 🙁

  • Richard M Bull says:

    PLEASE READ: I ask no I beg of you as a fellow New Mexican to appeal to GOT world to help in donating to the Navajo Nation Covid-19 Relief Fund. You know it is bad when they ask for help.

  • Ben says:

    Do you think your New York Jets will have a shot at the division this year with the departure of Brady?

    • grrm says:

      Hope spring eternal.

      If the new Pats QB does not turn out to be Tom Brady II or even Matt Cassell II, and Sam Darnold shows some real growth and manages to stay on the field, and La’Veon Bell returns to the form he had in Pittsburgh… then, yes. The Jets were 7-9 last year, so it would only take a couple more wins to put them in playoff contention.

      However, things never seem to work out well for Gang Green. So… I will believe it when I see it.

  • Throcky says:

    As a NY football fan myself and a stalwart fan of home town hero D’Brickashaw Ferguson, long time LT for the jets, the key for both teams is protecting their young stud qbs. Your receivers can run crisp routes and get separation but it doesn’t mean squat if Jones or Darnold are always on their ass. The cowboys model for the rebuild is the blueprint for both the Jets and Giants. Their model was essentially draft and sign as many stud lineman as you can to have a decent run game and pass protection. This allows other facets of the offensive game to become easier as you face less high pressure passing situations or decisions for young qbs (lots of 3 and short) and time in the pocket let’s WRs get open. The giants particularly should fair well drafting linemen with the shifty Barkley whose always a threat to break one for 20+. It’s really not the exciting or flashy pick for both teams but it’s one that translates most to wins. Yeah you’re not going to get a new guy putting up big stats like a new pass rusher or WR would. But if either of the jets or giants first two picks turns into a 10 year veteran tackle then it’s well worth it. Hopefully, we see a season in 2020, I know the lack of baseball has been killing me. No football would be a shame too.

  • Scott Preiss says:

    As a Pat’s fan I have to say I have no clue about 90% of the players we drafted!

  • Pat Byrne says:

    Didn’t think anything could cheer me up during this pandemic, then last week I read this headline: “Unsupervised Jerry Jones left at home in charge of Cowboys’ NFL draft”.

  • Guido says:

    Hi George. First-time, long-time. lol I like both their drafts. I’m a Jets fan and I’m going to give GM Joe Douglas a B+, which may have been higher if they hadn’t drafted a QB in the fourth round and Zuniga, a project at Edge. Bechton was my second favorite offensive tackle behind Thomas so I am happy with him and loved the Mims pick. Hall at CB could be a steal. Another WR, CB, or Center would have been helpful. Let’s hope the Douglas draft era starts off with a bang. I think so. Loved seeing Douglas and most of the other GM’s with their families. Loved the Giants getting three offensive lineman and McKinney at safety.

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