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May 25, 2020 at 8:00 am
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History buffs, baseball fans, and Wild Carders alike will enjoy the newest post on the Wild Cards blog, John Jos. Miller’s “Annotated Long Night at the Palmer House,” touching on all the references, hidden and fictional, in his acclaimed LOW CHICAGO interstitial.

The Annotated “A Long Night At The Palmer House”

When he is not writing Wild Cards stories or watching the New York Mets, John is a huge fan of… ah… strange cinema.   Of late he has been doing some fun blog posts for our friends over at BLACK GATE, talking about some of his odder favorites.  Check it out at:


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The Jean Cocteau Channel

May 23, 2020 at 8:19 am
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My theatre in Santa Fe, the Jean Cocteau Cinema, has been closed up as part of the coronavirus lockdown in New Mexico.

But I’ve kept my staff on, and they’ve been busy working virtually… on our JCC YouTube channel (among other things).

Check it out at  — and give us your thumbs if you enjoy what you see.

Among other offerings, the site includes video of most of the other events we’ve done in the past year or, featuring a wide range of terrific writers, including Lee Child, John Scalzi, Erica Jong, Alan Brennert, Marlon James, John Nichols, and more.  You will also find recipes for some of our award-winning cocktails, music and magic, children’s book reviews, and our art show openings.   Lots of fun stuff.

And more to come.   We hope to keep adding content to the JCC… including new book events… once we reopen.

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All Aboard for Lamy

May 19, 2020 at 2:36 pm
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We lived in an apartment when I was a kid, in the federal housing projects on First Street in Bayonne, New Jersey.   We did not have much money, and we did not have much room.   One Christmas, I decided I wanted a set of Lionel electric trains.   Santa brought them to me, good guy that he was.  It was years later that I learned that they were hand-me-down trains that had originally belonged to my cousin Richie.  He was a few years older than me, and had outgrown toys.  By then he was more interested in girls.   His train set was pretty basic, to tell the truth.  A circle of track, a transformer, a locomotive, a couple of cars, and a caboose.   None of the really cool cars that Lionel was making in the 50s.   I had friends who lived in houses whose train sets occupied their entire basements, with a whole town, a mountain, tunnels, bridges, all kinds of cool cars that did stuff.   My train went in a circle around the Christmas tree, and when the tree came down, it was time to put away the train set for another year.   Eventually my trains vanished unaccountably, and I later learned they had been handed down again, to another cousin, one who was a few years younger than me.

Perhaps these experiences during my formative childhood years gave me a deep-buried case of Train Lust.

Or maybe it was my middle initials.   I remember when I first started going to SF cons, there were a lot of guys named George around.   George Zebrowski was “George,” Gardner Dozois informed me.   George Alec Effinger was “Piglet.”  So I would have to be “Railroad.”   Jack Dann still calls me that, half a century later.

Whatever the reason, yeah, it’s true.   I bought a new train set.   Well, me and a couple of friends and partners, Bill Banowsky of Violet Crown Cinema, and Catherine Oppenheimer of the New Mexico School for the Arts.   All three of us are involved in Santa Fe’s resurgent Railyard neighborhood, at the heart of which is the old, defunct Santa Fe Southern Railroad, which hasn’t run regularly for years.   The SFSR only ran eighteen miles, from just behind my theatre the Jean Cocteau down to the old historic depot in Lamy, New Mexico.   But it was a great fun ride once upon a time, and Bill and Catherine and I think it could be a great fun ride again.

The JOURNAL NORTH has all the details, here:

It is going to take a lot of work, more than a few bucks, and a fair amount of time to get the railroad running again.   There are tracks and trestles to inspect and repair, old historic coaches to restore to their former splendor, a dead locomotive to bring back to life.   And the coronavirus has slowed the process way down.   But sooner or later, we do hope to have the old Lamy Line chuffing and puffing once again, and we have all sorts of fun ideas for the future, live music and murder mysteries and train robberies and escape rooms and… well, we shall see.

And best of all, we won’t need to pull up the tracks when Christmas is over.

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The Folio Society does it again!!

May 15, 2020 at 1:12 pm
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Check out the splendid collector’s editions of A Song of Ice and Fire from @foliosociety, they are truly masterpieces of the bookmakers art. The second edition A Clash of Kings has just been released – here’s a look at some of the book’s stunning artwork by Jonathan Burton.


Here’s some more great attention these collectors editions are getting:


How The Folio Society designs its gorgeous collector’s editions of Game of Thrones


George R.R. Martin’s A Clash of Kings Gets a Gorgeous (and Bloody) Collector’s Edition


Game of Thrones: Folio Society Unveils Epic New Edition & Exclusive Artwork for A Clash of Kings




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Khan Has Come (Again)

May 6, 2020 at 1:42 pm
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Marko Kloos’s new Wild Cards story, “Berlin Is Never Berlin,” went up this morning on

Khan is back, and kicking ass.   Check it out.   It’s FREE.   Be sure to leave a comment.

Berlin Is Never Berlin

If you missed Khan’s first appearance, hunt up a copy of LOW CHICAGO.   He’s our cover guy.   Autographed copies are available from Beastly Books via mailorder.

I hope all of you reading this are safe and snug and socially distant.

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Brad and H’ard

May 2, 2020 at 1:08 pm
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Hey, Wild Carders.  There’s a cool new interview up on the Wild Cards website, wherein Brad Denton, one of the newest members of the consortium, talks with Howard Waldrop, one of the originals… author of the very first Wild Cards story, “Thirty Minutes Over Broadway.”

If you’ve ever wondered how Jetboy’s last adventure came to be, who actually wrote his final words, or how H’ard pissed off Roger Zelazny, the world’s nicest man, this is the interview for you.

Of course, it is all done on the telephone, so everyone can stay safely socially distant, donchaknow.

Check it out at:

Fifty Minutes Over Manchaca (now Menchaca) Road!

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