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April 26, 2019

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Okay, the first day of the NFL Draft is in the books.   The Jets had one pick, the Giants had three.

Gang Green took Quinnen Williams, the monster Alabama defensive tackle, with the third pick overall.  Lots of analysts had ranked him as the best player in the entire draft, so he seems a good get.   Still… if it had been me, I would have taken Josh Allen, the edge rusher.   The Jets have not had an edge rusher worth his salt since… could the last one have been Mark Gastineau?  Surely not.  Maybe John Abraham.   The thing is, they need sacks and QB pressures.   And they already had a monster defensive tackle named Williams (Leonard).   Now they have two.   I hope it works out.   The main thing is to give Tom Brady nightmares, though, and I am not sure Quinnen will do that.   Time will tell.   Overall, though, a very solid pick.

The Giants, on the other hand…

Daniel Jones from Duke at number six?   Yes, they need a young quarterback to groom as Eli’s successor.   But Dwayne Haskins was right there.   Why not him?  I don’t follow college ball, but by every measurable Haskins is way better than Jones.   Jones threw 52 TDs in three years at Duke, Haskins threw 50 in one year at Ohio State.  Within fewer interceptions.   Against much tougher opposition.   Dave Gettleman must have seen something in Jones that no one else could see.   But even if you accept that, taking him at six seems insane.   He would have been there at 17.   Why not take Josh Allen or one of the other defensive studs at 6, and Jones at 17?   Makes much more sense.   Who else was going to nab him?  The Skins?   The Skins preferred Haskins, that was common knowledge.   Everyone in the world except the G-Men preferred Haskins, so far as I can see.

And then we got to number 17, the pick the Giants got for Odell.   What did they pick there?  A huge 342 pound defensive tackle out of Clemson.  Very very strong, they say.   Not going to get a lot of sacks, but terrific against the run.   Who does that sound like?   It sounds like Snacks Harrison to me.  Who the Giants cut in mid-season because… ahem… “all he did” was stop the run, he didn’t get sacks.   After his release, Big Blue spent the rest of the season getting gashed by runs right up the gut.   Had to fix that.   So to fill the Snacks hole, we draft Young Snacks.   All it cost us was a Hall of Fame receiver.

The Giants did trade up late in the round to get a third pick, which we used on a cornerback.   Supposedly the best CB prospect in the draft.   That was good.  They need good cornerbacks in the worst way.   Maybe this kid will help.

Neither the Giants nor  the Jets have a second round pick today.

Big Blue has a couple in the third round, and more later in the draft.   I hope Gettleman can find some gems.   Because right now, the team looks a lot weaker than the one that entered the 2018 season, and that squad finished 5-11.

((Comments permitted, but ONLY on NFL football and the draft))

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  • Alex Pend says:

    I think Gettleman might be the favorite GM of every other team in the NFC East. He’s just making things so easy for the competition. Condolences, sir! My Lions took a TE…again. Hopefully this one really is Gronk Come Again.

  • Steven Power says:

    “Current mood: depressed” sums it up perfectly. After letting OBJ go, you hoped there was a bigger picture none of us were privy to, but evidently not. Some dark years ahead

  • Jesse m says:

    They are selling Jones pretty good here in NY saying that he is similar to Peyton Manning, he just looks like Eli. Either way, you have to believe he would have been there at 17 and they could have taken josh Allen and renewed their pass rushing identity that they had during super bowl years.

  • Brian Davies says:

    I’ve actually watched every Duke Football game for the last 10 years(Huge Cutcliffe) and I’ve seen Daniel Jones in person. He’s big,fast and strong and with a really live arm.While his numbers aren’t the greatest the main culprit was his receiver’s they dropped on average 5-7 passes a game.That’s not a exaggeration. They cost him at least 20 touchdowns and a couple thousands yards.I have been a Giant’s fan since Joe Pisarcik and i haven’t been this excited since they drafted LT.

  • Mike says:

    I agree overall with your post. However, I would think Haskins had more weapons and faced lesser talent than Jones. The ACC and Big 10 are pretty comparable conferences, I’d say the Big 10 is 2A and ACC is 2B, both behind the SEC as the clear top conference.

    Jones played a for a perennial laughing stock in Duke football, but Jones was able to get them ranked in the top 25 this year. Duke would also have much less talent on their team than Ohio St. does. Haskins has high end talent that he’s throwing he ball to.

    Anyway, still think you’re right that he would’ve been on the board at 17, or even in the third round.

  • Ibbison says:

    Jets – I fully agree with you. An edge rusher would have been a better pick.

    NYG – Gettleman picked Eli 2.0. He will likely get Eli-esque results – namely, a steady diet of 7-9, 8-8, and 9-7 seasons. Everyone in the normal world is utterly confused by the Giants communty’s fixation with Eli. He simply is not that good.

    As for Snacks, he wasn’t going to be around much longer anyway. His contract was designed to be ended after year 3. By trading him at year 2.5, the Giants at least got a pick. His replacement will be able to do the same job for a fraction of the cost. And Snacks got traded after the Giants fell to 1-6. Having such a good run stopper didn’t do the Giants much good.

  • Ibbison says:

    Take heart, George. It could be worse – it could be raining. Or you could be a Packers fan. Gute needed to come out of Round 2 with an offensive playmaker at WR/TE, a replacement for Bulaga at RT, and a safety. He’s 1 for 3.

    Rashan Gary is one of the riskiest picks in the 1st round, with a real potential to be a bust. And DL is the strongest position group the Pack currently has. Total failure by Gute. The guard they just picked at #44 won’t fix the RT problem. And no offensive playmakers have been added.

    Aaron is probably having an extra scotch or two this week. He can certainly afford the good stuff, and he’s going to need it.

  • Charley says:

    George you’re right. Furthermore, I truly feel Gettleman has his head up his ass. This FO can’t get out of its own way the past two years and it’s extremely frustrating watching them lose football games and then screw up two drafts in a row.

    He passes on a quarterback in a quarterback heavy draft in 2018. Then takes a quarterback in the next draft(one that’ll likely never be as good as Darnold) and passes on the defensive player they needed most. Drafting for need isn’t good. When need and value line up you count yourself blessed and make the right pick. He’s twice failed in this respect big time.

    They’d be in much better shape if they drafted Darnold, kept Beckham and Harrison, and then drafted Allen. Instead, Gettleman, who contradicts nearly every public proclamation he makes, does that very thing again by over reaching on a quarterback and then trying to sell it as he’s finally found his guy.

    This is going to be bad, George. Eli once again will have no protection, and even fewer weapons, while being another year older. I see another top five draft pick headed their way next off season and I only hope Mr. Mara has enough sense to have a new GM make the pick.

    That’s all I got George, take it easy.

  • Mark Utterback says:

    Do you think the Giants should be addressing their need in regards to their horrendous o-line?

    • grrm says:

      Actually, the O-line is not horrendous. It started rough last season, but gelled by year’s end. The only remaining weak spot is right tackle. I had hoped they would fill that hole with a high pick… but maybe that late round pick will be the answer, or maybe they will find a walk on or free agent. Barring injury, the current line is not great, but they are much improved over the 2017 season, and the longer they play together, the better they should get.

  • Nicholas Volturo says:

    I don’t understand what the thought process was. Haskins was the best QB, Allen was the best pass rusher and OT galore were on the board. How the Giants took a Duke walk-on, who didn’t eclipse 200 yards passing in multiple games and didn’t address the biggest weakness, a pass rush, is impossible to fathom.

    I actually got nauseous when we made the pick. Jones reminds me of Ryan Tannehill and he’s going to be such a bust. This dude showed no promise, was inaccurate throwing the ball more than 10yds and his college statistics were abysmal. Haskins at least excelled against some of the best defenses in college, threw 50 TDs and as a one year starter, he’s got such a higher ceiling. Jones wasn’t even worthy of a first round pick.

    Jones is a 3 year starter and threw 52tds in his career and Haskins threw 50 in one season. The Skins got Haskins and Sweat (arguably the best pass rusher) The Giants had three first Rd picks, an unprecedented amount and we can argue they didn’t even improve at all. That’s impossible to defend.

    You don’t run a team like this. It’s why he was fired from his first job and he will be gone soon enough from this one. You need to adapt with the times or you get passed by. That’s what is taking place. Gettleman refuses to evolve and his stubbornness will cost us years.

  • Dave says:

    The Giants should’ve traded for Rosen, then picked a defensive lineman at six. Jones will turn out to be a bust if he ever starts.

  • The important thing about Daniel Jones is that he fits Gettleman’s model perfectly, because Gettleman’s model is Eli. He loves Eli, and would talk him up at Carolina when he was GM of the Panthers. Jones is almost exactly the same height, weight and frame as Eli, he talks like a direct Eli clone, he attended Manning passing academies throughout the years, and his coach at Duke worked with both Peyton and Eli.

    It’s actually shocking to find someone who so thoroughly fits Gettleman’s model available at a time when the team is in legitimate quarterback need. I’m sure it was an easy decision for Gettleman to forego the 11 spots from 6 to 17 in order to guarantee they got their man, on the off chance he wasn’t there. Plus Jones now gets a year or two being groomed by his exact-model predecessor. It must look like a dream come true for Gettleman.

  • Peter Wader says:

    After seeing this pick…it appears to me that Gettleman is a Boston spy sent to destroy the Giants.

    Want some old Giants history…Daniels has the same number and played in the same school as the great Dave Brown. Not a good omen for the Giants.

  • I throw up my hands in disgust at this first round. The Giants were so hyper-focused on Jones that they had to have him no matter what even though it was obvious he’d be there at 17 and quite possibly at their second-round pick. The Giants successfully drafted three second-round talents in the first round.

    I guess we just have to hope Gettleman and Co. know something everyone (fans, analysts and everyone else in the NFL it seems) about these guys that everyone else missed. But given the prevailing wisdom and knowledge out there, it seems more likely that the Giants are simply deluded or out of touch with modern football.

  • Dolorous Pat says:

    As an Eagles fan it’s sad to see the Giants as they are. Gone are the days when both the Birdies and the Gmen would pound the Cowboys, then each other. Those Andy Reid Tom Coughlin matchups gave me some of my best childhood football memories.

    I hope you are wrong about Jones. But yes, the Snacks/OBJ/Young-Snacks fiasco must be almost too much to bear.

  • Khalid says:

    Yeah, not sure what the Giants are thinking. They must really love this guy because I could easily believe that he would have been available even in the third round. I just think the Giants are gonna be a bad team for a while.

    The Jets look to be in a pretty good position to make a decent run next season. Just depends on how Sam Darnold develops. I definitely think they will be better than the Giants next season and maybe even make it to the playoffs as a wild card.

  • Ibbison says:

    Ok George. In an effort to cheer you up, I will post an excerpt from SB Nation’s Big Blue View site. It turns out the Giant’s new DL pick has sound medical judgement.

    Pat’s Perspectives: Thoughts on the Giants first-round draft strategy
    By Patricia Traina@Patricia_Traina Apr 26, 2019, 3:42pm EDT
    … snip …
    There was some surprise over Gettleman’s decision to draft 342-pound defensive tackle Dexter Lawrence, who had a screw inserted into his foot after breaking the fifth metatarsal instead of an edge rusher, but that was a pick with which I agreed.
    … snip …
    I personally fully support Mr Lawrence’s decision in this matter, and don’t see why it would affect his draft status. Given a choice between having a screw or or an edge rusher inserted in my foot to deal with a broken metatarsal, I too would choose the screw.

  • Andrew Noone says:

    The Giants actually traded Snacks to the Detroit Lions for a 5th rd pick. They’ve made some truly head-scratching moves under Gettleman.

  • Arthur says:

    My deepest sympathy Mr. Martin
    As a Patriots fan I couldn’t help but laugh a little when the G-men announced their first round picks, I can only imagine the pain you are feeling…. Reaching on Jones and drafting “Young Snacks” with the Odell pick has the potential to haunt Big Blue for years, hopefully they know what they are doing. As much as the Giants have twice left me with a broken heart, they are a historic franchise and I hope they are able to turn things around(would be a crime to waste Saquon’s best years). The Jets on the other hand are looking like they might be ready to make some noise, time will tell as gang green loves to shoot themselves in the foot but they do finally have some pieces in place. Dave Gettleman makes it hard to support the giants organization but I’m hoping the football gods smile on them going forward. Never liked the jets though so I usually hope they lose every game 😉
    As someone who’s been watching football for as long as you have, I was just wondering what some of your favorite moments or players or teams have been? You talk about the Pennington era (the only jet qb I feared playing) with a certain fondness but there must be other players you enjoyed watching? Were you a fan of Broadway Joe? Over the years did any teams in particular stand out as your favorite group of players ever? What did you think of Parcells? I believe I remember you saying somewhere you watched the Greatest Game Ever Played as a kid, that must be a great memory and really cool that you’ve seen pretty much the entire modern nfl. Apologies but as a Patriots fan I’ve gotta ask a few fun questions: What did you think of Bill Belichick when he was the defensive coordinator of those Lawrence Taylor giants? With how much you hate him now, is it weird that he was the architect of those giants defenses? Is there any part of you that wishes the Giants hired him in 1991? Hate to be rude asking you so many questions rather than just commenting, I can only imagine how busy you are these days, not expecting you to respond to a patriots fan but the thought of you responding to anything in this post is just so surreal and cool I cant help myself. Wishing you the best!!

    • grrm says:

      I have been watching football for a long long time. I have a lot of good memories… and just as many painful ones.

      Yes, of course I was a Namath fan. It was Joe Willie who got me rooting for the Jets. Before his coming, I could not have cared less about the early Jets and their predecessors, the New York Titans. But Namath was magical, and SuperBowl III was amazing.

      Since then, however, the Jets have a way of getting close every few years, only to break our hearts. Rex Ryan led us to two AFC championship games and it seemed as if a SuperBowl was just around the corner. Evil Little Bill was HC for a day. There was the Monday Night Miracle. Chad Pennington seemed like the real deal, and in a world where he never got hurt, he could have been as good as Brady. Herm could have gotten us to a SuperBowl if not for horrible playcalling at the end of the playoff game in Pittsburgh, and those missed field goals. Salvation certainly seemed to be at hand with Bill Parcells, but he burned out and left way too soon. The Jets missed getting Peyton Manning when he decided to stay in school instead of coming out the year Gang Green had the first overall pick. The Jets missed getting Brett Favre when Atlanta picked him one slot early, only to make no use of him and then give him away to the Pack for loose change. It is a history of near misses, might-have-beens, false dawns, and frustration.

      But through it all, of course there were Jets players I loved watching and rooting for. Marc Gastineau and the Sack Exchange (aside from the playoff game against the Browns, which Marc lost us with his late hit on Bernie Kosar). Wesley Walker. Al Toon. Wayne Chrebet, an all time favorite. Our two great great centers, Nick Mangold and Kevin Mawae. Curtis Martin, the Hall of Fame running back Parcells stole from the Pats.

      For the Giants, the list is even longer, and studded with championships.

      Heartbreak is part of being a football fan… no matter what team you cheer for… but it’s best where there are some highs mixed in with the lows.

  • xecd says:

    The draft was fun. The Daniel Jones pick was really odd (I thought, for sure, that they would trade for Josh Rosen), but if he is the guy it’ll only need a playoff run to people forget about his draft position, kinda like what happened to Trubisky.

    I’m curious to see Haskins playing the Giants two times a year (I think he used to root for them), big chip on his shoulder now.

    The worst is that we’ll only see football action in September, looks sooooo far way (which is not that bad, I need time to write my phd thesis, and man, writing is hard).

  • Angela D’Alessandro says:

    Why, Giants, Why!?!? *cries uncontrollably*

    I only hope these picks end up helping more than hurting us. This will be a difficult season as they try and rebuild. It will be painful to watch.

  • Lauren says:

    Now the draft is over and they wasted all their good picks without grabbing an O linemen until the end. I just don’t know what Gettleman thinks he has. Totally agree about Snacks. And Josh Allen went to my high school in Jersey 🙁

  • Chauncey Gardiner says:

    I couldn’t wait for Jerry Reese to get fired and now I’m wishing he was back here. Then at least we’d still have OBJ and we wouldn’t have drafted Dave Brown 2.0 at number 6 in the first round of the draft. Hopefully once Daniel Jones is selling insurance in a few years Gettleman will be forced to retire.

  • Scott says:

    Whatever happens with Daniel Jones, you will most likely look back and realize you dodged a bullet with not getting Haskins. As good as that program is, Ohio State QB’s haven’t had much success at the NFL level over the last ten years or so.

  • Matt Ranard says:

    It has been a rough time for all Giants fans since Gettleman took the reigns, but at least you have championships to look back upon. I have been a Browns fan since the mid 80s, I watched the Drive, The Fumble (thankfully I am a little young to remember Red Right 88), as well as the 1-15 and the 0-16 disasters. You mentioned ups and downs, hopefully the the UPS are incoming. I enjoy football and Love the Browns. If this is our year, live it through the eyes of OBJ and every fan in Brown and Orange. I’m not saying that we deserve it but I am convinced that it is our time! I’ll see you in week two.

  • E.M.H. says:

    ESPN ran a piece where they said Gettleman claimed two other teams were definitely going to pick him up. Personally, I’m wondering if he didn’t simply get suckered by some pre-draft disinformation.

    But I don’t follow the Giants, I admit, so I don’t know what fans think of Gettleman (other than the dislike I keep hearing and reading; I don’t know specifics). Maybe he just outright made that up?

  • Brendan says:

    Ohio State may have faced better competition (although Duke did play Clemson), but if you compare the assets he had around him at Duke on the offensive line and with playmakers relative to the competition they faced, he was facing an uphill battle in every game.

    Haskins played against tougher competition, but he had first round draft picks at playmaker and top linemen protecting him. On average he had much more time to deliver the ball and had more open targets to find.

    Other than that, I agree it was a reach.

  • Matt Wiesner says:

    Hello Mr. Martin,

    I agree with your thoughts and wonder what exactly Gettleman’s thought process is through these picks. I feel he should be on the proverbial “hot seat” more than most GMs currently in the league, but then drafted a QB that he stated may sit on the bench for three years. A butchered version of a saying in the NFL is that a GM’s main goal isn’t to build a championship level team, but instead to keep their job(as is the normal mindset of just about anyone at the end of the day).
    For this reason, GMs often play it safe and get the guy they can feel safe about(such as Saquon being a surefire pick, even if his value is lower as an RB compared to a more volatile QB). My belief is that with the trade of Odell and picking of Jones, Gettleman has set himself up for *at minimum* an additional year of being the GM because he’s established a clear rebuilding structure that he can point to if the team does not win this year. Additionally, his pick at #17 is a DT that has a high floor that allows for additional leeway if Jones does not work out.
    I feel as though he must have known the team, if built at full strength with Odell, Collins, and a strong FA class, still would not have been able to get any traction towards a playoff run. So instead of sitting in a form of purgatory that would make him easier to fire with disappointing results, he can now point to underperformance as a “plan” of sorts and bring up his 6th overall pick hasn’t even hit the field yet.
    I am interested to hear if you think this is just some or if you think this is just a half baked conspiracy on my part, or if it may have legs.
    Being a Raiders’ fan has made me think the worst of most situations, but each time I see my Jamarcus Russell jersey in the closet, I remember that blind following of a team isn’t always a smart move.

  • JIm Jurczak says:

    Gettleman needs an attorney with him at press conferences. He idicts himself everytime he opens his mouth. How can he say he loves Daniel Jones and didn’t love Sam Darnold? Barkley is a great player, but Darnold was the piece they could have built the franchise around. You said it before, this organization has no plan.

    I’ll give Gettleman the benefit of the doubt that he may not be the one pulling all the strings with personel. The spin from the Giants to justify the Jones pick will surely be the Manning family connection.

    The Jets seemed to have a good draft and look to have much more talent on their team. Adam Gase, I think, is a good coach. There has also been rumblings that Maccagan may be let go, which I think would be the right move. He gave Todd Bowles a crap roster for four years, yet Bowles gets fired and he does not. How does that make sense? If he gets let go, Patriots fan like myself will fly our flag at half-mast.

  • Todd Carpenter says:

    Everyone misses Mr Acorsi right now in Gmen land Lol!

    In defense of the 2 first round picks. Gil Brandt said that Jones was the 17th best player on his board. The reality is this is just a guessing game. There are a lot of ways to build a football team. The Giants have had success with some QBs that weren’t stellar so Jones should get the benefit of the doubt and now that he is on the roster Giants should be busy getting on his band wagon.

    I can agree that Lawrence may just be a cheaper younger of Harrison but they get him for 5 years on the cheap which means they can spend money elsewhere next year.

    Gettleman is in the same boat as Kiev right now if these QBs aren’t what they are supposed to be 3 years they are unemployed if not before then.

  • John Q. says:

    My dearest sympathy, Mr. Martin.
    The Jets are in a playoff “Long Night” with no appearances since 2010.
    “When the playoffs hide their faces for years at a time, and contracts are created, played, and retired all in darkness while the fans grow gaunt and hungry.” Didn’t have any good words for describing the situation that the New York Jets are in, so I needed to borrow. I hope the New York Jets perform better, but watching the Jets go up against say, the Patriots feels like seeing the Night’s Watch confront the Others.

    I do not have anything useful to say for the New York Giants that was not already said. From what I read, they seem to be handicapping themselves and looking weaker than they started, which is not good for a 5-11 team. I’m almost wondering if Giants have a problem in decision-making.

  • Jason H says:

    Still can’t get my mind around what has happened to the Giants. To start the season last year we had Beckham WR, Vernon DE, Snacks DT, Apple CB, Collins S (Beckham, Vernon and Collins Pro Bowl type talents) plus Eli and all the rest. We went 5-11. We traded HOF talent Beckham and have not replaced him (I don’t consider an old Tate a replacement). We have not replaced Vernon. We replaced Snacks with first rounder Lawrence. Apple with 1st rounder Baker. Collins with Peppers plus we added OL Zeitler and some late round picks. We pissed away $25 million in cap space on Beckham and Eli bonuses. I look at that and say we are clearly worse now than a 5-11 team.

    This brings us to debacle two. The draft is a crapshoot and you should generally follow two principles, get as many dice rolls as you can and always try to get relative value for your picks. You love a guy that most teams rank 20 picks lower, trade back and pick up an extra roll of the dice. Putting aside whether a Duke QB that Gettleman loves from the Senior Bowl (SENIOR BOWL, not the TOP PROSPECT BOWL) will be great or not, you don’t overdraft him with the 6th pick. You need to take the player that has the lowest risk with the highest upside (or something close) or trade down. I would have been fine with taking a shot on a QB with the 17th pick. It’s like breaking up your 3 of a kind in poker because you are going for a straight flush. It’s not the smart play even if you get it. Look at where we are today, Lock is available and so is Rosen in a trade and we could have had Allen. Compounding all this, we made our trades and we are not sitting on multiple 1st round picks and draft capital like the Raiders are or the Browns were. Plus if we have a top 3 pick next year, we may not choose Tua or Herbert because we have Jones. What a debacle!!!!!!

  • Andrew Ross says:

    Watching my lions take yet another tight end in the first round was a pain only Detroit sports fans could know… but I’m sure the Jets haven’t left you far behind over the years. Best of luck trying to retire Eli now by the way lol.

  • Luigi says:

    Sir, I know this is totally OT, but are you aware that a right-wing Italian politician is using your work to spread xenophobic messages? She published an electoral poster that you can see here:

    The caption reads: “Overran by masses of Others? Not Today. Immediate Naval Blockade. Let Us Defend The Borders”.

    I thought you might want to know it.



  • Brian says:

    I have no words for the Giants passing on Haskins. This is a conspiracy and the only reason he wasn’t picked was because of the Manning Brothers. There’s something going on.

  • Psyke says:

    Jets got arguably the Best Player in the draft in Quinnen Williams – he’s elite in passrushing from the interior, elite in run defence, has no injury concerns and no off-field issues either. The most impactful passrush is through the middle it confronts the qb directly in his face and it also unlocks the edge for benders like Jachai Polite. Jets biggest problem last season was not lacking the ability to put points on the board Darnold was elite towards the end of the season after returning from injury, it was in the Jets D not being able to close out games. GangGreen frequently led games up into the fourth quarter only for the D to collapse. Now the Jets are rock solid through the middle at all 3 levels with Quinnen & Leo Williams, CJ Mosley & Avery, and Jamal Adams. Plus LeVeon Bell will really help Darnold in dictating coverages and controlling the clock. Jamieson Crowder has elite YAC from the slot and Herndon is a legit TE. Rookie Wesco’s pass/run blocking will make life easier for everybody, Quincy Enunwa moves the chains well and Robbie Anderson is deadly as a deep threat. Can’t wait!!

  • Chris Parker says:

    I’m from Cleveland and we appreciate what the G-Men did for us. 🙂 I think Thanos has the perfect words for the Giants in this scenario,

    “You traded away for Odell. What did it cost?”

  • Andrew says:

    I am actually fairly positive on the draft overall – some really highly rated defensive players were taken by the G-men!

    Here’s a good article that might help you feel a bit better about Daniel Jones:

  • Brian says:

    Skins fan here. Spent the last several months getting myself okay with Jones, and you should be, too. The fact is that about 5 teams that might have taken a QB were picking between 6 and 17. Gettleman took his guy instead of waiting to see who would be there.

    As far as your guy, it’s officially too soon to say. But there are lots of reasons to be hopeful. Jones is very smart, mobile, and accurate (when you factor drops and tight windows). He can adjust to less than perfect lines and receivers (not that the Giants will ever have a problem with those things). Have hope, and wait a couple years. Take it from a ‘Skins fan, no QB is a sure thing. Just hope yours works out.

  • Ubish says:

    The Giants 1st pick wasn’t great… but I’m a Lions fan…. so…. it could be worse.

  • Chris says:

    As a life long Giants fan and season ticket holder. I’m depressed…Duke really…Maybe if this was a basketball draft.. Anyone know the last NFL Hall Of Fame football player??

  • Stephen E Richter says:

    Well there is always the “B” free agents who other teams cut because they can not afford to pay that much money to the player in a position the team has a cheaper replacement lined up with little or no drop off in talent. The Rams used the free agent market to short up the OL and linebackers last year. And of course there is the odd 3 to 6 rounder pick who goes on to have an HOF career. And do not forget the Undrafted free agents coming out of the college. I think there have been more gems coming from that crowd lately

  • Jamie Shine says:

    The Buckeyes were the best team on the field every time they played. Duke had tough sledding against a stout ACC. They liked Jones partly due to the time he has spent with Coach Cutcliffe (the Mannings’ coach and mentor.)

  • donteatpoop says:

    As an Eagles fan I was a really big fan of the GMen’s draft. Go birds!

    (and my condolences to you)

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