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The Draft Is Coming

April 23, 2019

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Last year’s regular season was a nightmare for both the Giants and Jets, and thus a double nightmare for yours truly, who suffered through twice as many defeats every Sunday.   But November’s woes are April’s thrills, since that means both New York teams are picking high in this year’s NFL draft.  Gang Green has the third overall pick, behind the Cardinals and the Niners.   Big Blue picks sixth… and also 17th, thanks to trading away Odell Beckham Junior.  That was still a terrible trade imo, the Giants did not get nearly enough for a player of Odell’s calibre… but at least they got something, and now at least we get to find out what.

First round is Thursday night, and I’ll be watching, as I always do.   I’ll be watching the whole thing, actually, but by the time we get down to the fifth and sixth and seventh rounds it is just a bunch of names I have never heard of flashing by, so it’s round one where all the excitement is.

The Jets got their quarterback of the future last year in Sam Darnold so the thought is that they go defense this year.   The key to that is the Arizona Cardinals, picking first.   Almost all the mocks have them taking quarterback Kyler Murray, a small, swift, scrambling signal caller who has been compared to Michael Vick and Baker Mayfield.   Mel Kiper says it is 99.99% certain the Cards take Murray, even though they still have Josh Rosen, the qb they traded up for in the first round last year.   If he’s right, that means the Jets at three will have their pick of the top-rated defensive talents. Nick Bosa, Josh Allen, Quinnen Williams are the names you hear most often.  If the Cards take Murray and the Niners take one of those three, the Jets will have their choice between the other two.   I just hope, if it comes to that, that they pick the right one.   We need the next Lawrence Taylor or the next Reggie White.  The danger is that instead you find yourself with the next Vernon Gholston.

The Jets could also trade down with some qb-hungry team, and regain some of the picks they had to give up last year to snag Darnold.   I wouldn’t mind that… so long as they don’t go TOO far down, and get a good package of picks for moving, not just something lame like a fifth rounder.   But all in all, I think I’d prefer that they stay at #3 and take Josh Allen.   If for no other reason than they are in the same division as the Buffalo Bills, who drafted a quarterback named Josh Allen last year.   We could have years of Josh Allen sacking Josh Allen to look forward to.

There’s even more suspense swirling around the New York Giants with their two first-round picks (and a high second, never forget).   The vast majority of talking heads out there have seemingly given up on Eli Manning (though the Giants themselves clearly haven’t), and are insisting that the G-Men draft a young quarterback as his successor.   The most likely choice is Dwayne Haskins out of Ohio State, who grew up a Giants fan.   I will freely admit I do not follow college ball as I do the NFL. so I can’t claim any expertise… but Haskins does look mighty impressive from what I’ve seen of him leading up to the draft.   He is likely to be there at #6 — unless the Raiders, who are lurking in the weeds at #4, surprise everyone and grab him — but everything we are hearing out of Jersey suggests the Giants are going to go defense with that pick.   Haskins is not likely to last until #17, not with so many other quarterback hungry teams in between (the Dolphins, the Redskins, the Bengals)… but it could be that Dave Gettleman the Giants GM prefers one of the other quarterback prospects, and it is possible that either Drew Locke or Daniel Jones or both will still be there, and Gettleman could snag one of them.   Hell, it could even be that one of them will still be there at the top of round two, for the Giants to draft then.

If Big Blue does not take a quarterback at #6 OR #17, though, prepare for a bloodbath.

Only time will tell who is right.   The thing about the draft is, you never know.   The legendary 1983 draft, when six QBs were taken in round one, is proof of that.   Three of those players turned out to be Hall of Famers.   A couple were solid NFL starters with long careers, though they always labored in the shadow of the three guys who were better.   One was an out-and-out bust.   And then there was the year that Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf went one-two.  Some people insisted that Leaf was better.   Boy, were they wrong.

But that’s the fun of it.   You never know.

Myself, I am hoping that whoever the Giants draft, he spends the year on the bench.  Eli Manning is a class guy, and I’d love nothing better than for him to have a great season and lead the Giants to another SuperBowl, making all his detractors eat a big crow pie along the way.

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  • Joel P. says:

    Buckeye fan here. Haskins is the real deal. Generally considered to be the most accurate passer in Ohio State history. The Giants will be kicking themselves for years if they pass on him.

  • Stuart says:

    This is a huge if, but IF the Giants hit on an exciting young QB it could be an immensely thrilling time to be a fan of NY football. I wish you all the luck.

  • Edgel Boyd says:

    With so many talented linemen available at 6 and unlikely to be available at 17, I can’t see the Giants’ front office spending it on Haskins. After all, Haskins might still be available at 17, if the Redskins don’t scoop him up, and if he’s not we know the Giants also like Daniel Jones.

    Also, I hate to be petty, but I know a couple thousand people in San Diego and Los Angeles (including myself) that might quibble with the Eli being a class act thing.

  • Dylan Starks says:

    I’m a Cardinals fan, I’m hearing reports they might pass on Murray for Bosa instead. Why in seven HELLS do we keep putting ourselves through this?

  • Rubes says:

    I think you mean ‘years of Josh Allen leaping over Josh Allen’ to look forward to.

  • Nahdi says:

    Big Blue ! They need to get it together, the management team seems like it doesn’t know what it wants, some questionable decisions have been made – let’s hope they sort it out, quick time and may your sage advice fall on listening ears

  • Nick M says:

    Or… years of Josh Allen hurdling Josh Allen.

  • Dillarino says:

    Samwell is the passer that was promised. Very cool!

  • Casey Gerrish says:

    Hi George! I’m still steaming about the OBJ trade, as are most Giants fans. What I’ve heard is that the Giants May take either Daniel Jones (seven hells I hope not) or Haskins at QB or go for Montez Sweat as a crazy pass rushing beast. What I would love to see is the G-men trade for Rosen – Cardinals are getting Murray anyway so they have that expendability. Imagine getting Barkley and Rosen from last year’s draft class!

  • I’d like it if just once in a while some people(outside of Buffalo) took the Buffalo Bills seriously…

  • Elfino says:

    I’m from Spain, and I don’t know a lot of English synonyms. But when I read it, I thought that the draft of the novel was coming.

    A hidden message? Be careful…

  • Gettleman’s “Best Player Available” philosophy makes sense (fill the team with good players), but I’m not sure it makes sense for the quarterback position. I’m a Giants fan, and hope it works out for them, but quarterbacks are always taken higher than their skill level, which means a franchise quarterback is not going to fall into your lap. In order for a “BPA” philosophy to work out, then, you almost have to tank and get a top-5 pick, and hope a guy who looks like a franchise QB is available that year (see: 2004). Or discover whatever wizardry Bill Belichick uses on his QBs…

    As for the Jets, if you want to know why their QB drafts have not panned out for half a century, you may enjoy Episode 2 of “Game of Throws: An NFL Sci-Fi Saga.” Cheers

  • Episode 4, excuse me; “QB Wasteland.”

  • Hammer says:

    I think it was a blessing they got rid of Odell, an amazing talent on his own but it seemed his abilities were more of a sideshow of spectacle and weren’t actually helping win games. He lost my interest when he lifted his leg in the end zone, a sad display for a grown man. You say Eli is all class, Saquan also, OBJ was the antithesis.

  • Mike says:

    As a Bears fan, I haven’t really been following the draft that closely — at least not as closely as I usually do — but I think your Eli replacement is going to come in 2020, not 2019. Next year is supposed to be a banner year for QB’s. That being said, Quinnen Williams just SEEMS like a Jets pick. I think that’s who you end up with (though supposedly they love Ed Oliver). As for the Giants…I think Drew Lock is the best, most durable QB in the draft and the one you should be crossing your fingers for. But didn’t you go to Northwestern?? Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame (etc) — Clayton Thorson is a later-round guy (having fallen due to injury) who seems like he’d make a pretty decent backup QB until ya’ll draft Trevor Lawrence.

  • Mike says:

    Cardinals are sticking with Rosen.

    I dunno Mr. Martin I’m worried about that new coach of yours. He’s got crazy eyes.

    Go Bears!!

  • Ibbison says:

    It’s almost impossible to tell what Gruden/Mayock are going to do at #4, but keep in mind Oakland’s D only had 13 sacks last year. They need a great D-lineman more than any team in the league. I think they’ll ride with Carr for one more year at least.

    The Jets need an edge rusher, but they also want/need to get back one of the second rounders they spent on Darnold last year to get help on the O-line. One really, really good player and one really good player would help the team more than one great player. But the top of the draft chart is steep; many teams will only trade up for a QB.

    Eli had one of his better years statistically last year, playing in Shurmer’s QB-friendly system (which made both Sam Bradford and Case Keenum look good for a year each) and completing 91 passes to Barkley. The danger for NYG is that if they pass on a QB and get defense, they will end up 7-9 or 8-8, miss the playoffs, and still need a QB next year. By time they finally settle on an Eli replacement, Barkley could be used up. Best bet – get Rosen from the Cards with #37 (don’t give them a first rounder whatever you do) and stock the lines with #6 and #17. Gettleman’s philosophy – run, stop the run, rush the passer – is a good plan for winning SB V, VI, or VII, but not so good for winning LV, LVI, or LVII. And V, VI, and VII have already been played. (NYG didn’t win.)

  • David White says:

    I’m usually a huge draftnik, but as a Cowboy fan without a first-round pick, I’ve been a bit disengaged this year. Still, no complaints about using that pick for Amari Cooper. I just hope he gets extended.

    As for the Giants, how would you feel if the Giants traded pick #17 to the Cards for Josh Rosen? (Assuming the Cards pick Murray, which everyone seems to take as fact). I assume the proverbial bloodbath would occur if pick #6 went to the Cards. Still, if the trade for 17 happened, the net result would be Rosen-for-Beckham. Would that make the trade more palatable?

  • Lindsay says:

    You could always just become a Philly fan. It’s a much more satisfying shade of green.

  • Josh Dezarn says:

    As a Giants fan and a Kentucky fan, I would love nothing more that for Josh Allen to drop to the G-men, but that won’t happen. If the Jets take him, you are getting a world class player and person.

  • Trebla says:

    What would you think of the Giants trading for Josh Rosen? ESPN’s Adam Schefter has reported that the G-Men are one of three or four teams that are considering trading for him. I liked him coming out of college, especially because he’s a very thoughtful young man who has opinions about things outside of football. That actually got him questioned by people around the league, that maybe he didn’t “love” football. That tells you a lot about the league if Rosen gets trashed while a knucklehead like Jameis Winston got praised and picked #1 overall despite all his baggage.

    I think Rosen could be a good pickup depending on what they give up. I wouldn’t give up the Top 10 pick but MAYBE the other one. One of the other teams that may be considering Rosen is the Redskins.

    • Trebla says:

      Interestingly, multiple mock drafts have the Jets taking Alabama DT Quinnen Williams. The same mock drafts have Josh Allen falling a bit. Personally, I’d take the edge rusher especially since the Jets haven’t had a good one in who knows how long. John Abraham?

  • TMDolan says:

    If the first two drafts of the Gettleman era net us Barkley, Hernandez, Q Williams and Rosen (by trading the 2nd round pick)… that’s a job well done.

  • Peter says:

    What do you make of the new Jets uniforms, George? Personally, I don’t hate them at all, but I definitely prefer the classic 1965 – 1977 look and the green helmets of ’78 – ’97.

    Enjoy the draft, and may you be shouting at the TV for all the right reasons come September!

  • Tim Sloper says:

    Coming into the draft process as a 49ers fan I had always just assumed Bosa would be off the board by the time the 2nd pick came around. I did my due diligence trying to find the prospect I could get most excited about them drafting besides Bosa and I quickly fell in love with Josh Allen. An all-state basketball player and wide receiver in high school turned into the most feared edge rusher in the SEC once he was given an actual position coach to work with. He was the unquestioned leader of a KY team that shocked everyone by winning their most games ever and he totally dominated Penn State in the Citrus Bowl. He also has a sister in the WNBA which speaks to his family’s pedigree and athletic prowess. The Jets or the G-Men would be lucky to have a player with his potential on their rosters.

  • Margo says:

    I’m wait for an upset on the draft order – I feel like a bunch of teams could trade up/down and we can see a big shakeup. Still not confident that the OBJ trade will pan out, and I definitely don’t think that Eli can work another year as a starter. He seems out in the cold once OBJ left.

  • Jesse Messineo says:

    Boomer esiason has been really showing the love for Dwayne Haskins on the morning show on the FAN in NY recently. He was acting the same way about Patrick Mahomes 2 years ago so I would hate to see the Giants pass on a great QB prospect like him. I do believe that, if the others pieces are in place, Eli could lead the Giants to a Super Bowl again. He has had so many fourth quarter comebacks, wouldn’t it be fitting for him to close his career with success? In that case, I hope the Giants can pick DT Quninen Williams from Alabama to sure up the defensive line and then maybe an OL or LB. Giants need good LBs again! Most of all, I hope the Giants and Jets games are not on at the same time as often as they were last year so we can watch these two teams rebuild.

  • AndyVonDingus says:

    I hope (and believe) that trading Odell away was a great move. I feel that an improved, or at the very least competent offensive line is far better than an exceptional WR for a veteran QB like Eli. With an additional middle 1st round pick, we can bulk up that offensive line. People love to harp on Eli and say he’s washed up, but I would argue that even top quarterbacks suffer when they have no time to throw. Eli can turn mediocre (relative to the NFL) WR’s into stars when he has the time to scan the field. Manningham, nicks, and cruz are just a few who looked like superstars on the giants but suffered elsewhere. So i’m happy with the 17th 1st round to supplement our 6th. I’ll miss Odell, but sacrifices had to be made. The loss that stings a bit more for me personally was Landon Collins.

  • Jonathon says:

    I heard a few weeks ago that if the cardinals take Murray, the Giants may try to trade for Rosen. I also heard a rumor that Belichick may try to parlay one or two 2nd round picks and try to trade for Rosen. If the Cardinals are willing to accept a 2nd and a late round pick for Rosen, I’d like to see the Giants try this route rather than take someone in a weaker draft for qbs.

  • Brian Ogilvie says:

    Giants need a QB badly, it is known. I think the Jets are in an okay place to take best player available, regardless of position. I think drafting to fill needs is how you miss out on good football players. Always exciting!

  • Gabe says:

    Hey George, first time long time.

    I’m still so screaming mad about trading Odell that I have no faith these guys will get it right.

    How would you feel about trading a pick for Rosen?

  • Matthew C Brown says:

    GEORGE! I’m a Falcons fan, I am hoping they move up to grab Oliver! Plus Cardinals better grab Murray or they will regret it. What are your thoughts?

  • Gabriel Pinto says:

    What made you get into football in the first place?

  • Chris says:

    As a long suffering jets fan, this draft scares the poodoo out of me, so many ways to screw the pooch, so many ways to remain the same old jets. The giants used to give me some solace, but it seems like the ownership and therefore the management refuses to move out of the late 80’s in which they are firmly entrenched. Eli was ruined by his coaches and o line. Put him on a team with a functional oline and he’s a top 15 qb in the league. Yes he’s old, his clock is ticking, but I don’t think the giants woes were his doing

  • Lisa Solak says:

    I am looking forward to the Beats the season, we are just getting stronger. I do agree about Eli, class act.

  • Zackary Penn says:

    I just need the lions to draft some body good.. I just want us to make the playoffs.. I want us to trade stafford and rebuild, but it feels like were rebuilding every year. I do think we need to get defensive.

  • Cameron Cox says:

    Have any thoughts on Mahomes or Kansas City in general? Chiefs fan here, hoping we’re heading to the Superbowl this year. Maybe Eli will pull it off- if so see you there.

  • why do you not follow college ball as you do nfl?

  • Marysman780 says:

    Wide receivers are over rated especially ones that average 5missed games a season. Those giants robbed the Browns!

  • Jordon says:

    Daniel Jones seems like the perfect guy for the Giants, with all the Eli Manning parallels, but I still think that if you really like a QB enough to draft him in the first round, why wait until pick 17 where another team could steal him. Take him with 6 if you believe this guy is your next franchise QB or don’t take him at all

  • As we can only mention ‘the drafts’, I was wondering (as I’m sure are countless others) precisely which draft beer you indeed prefer. Please, Sir. The world awaits your answer. And rust never sleeps.


    What about the Giants getting the aforementioned AZ QB Josh Rosen for our 2nd or 3rd pick? More and more noise is that he is better than every QB after Murray. That would put 4 1st round picks on the roster for 2018 and 2019 – a new NY core four to build around. Top flight RB, QB with strong arm for the winds of the Meadowlands and hopefully 2 really good defensive players. Let Eli have his farewell tour, keep making the lines stronger and away we go into the next 5 years!

  • Andres says:

    Hi George,
    What’s your opinion on David Gettleman? I know you disliked the trade and many in New York think he should be gone. Do you think he needs more time or they should move on and prevent him from making a bigger mess out of a great franchise.

  • Tony H says:

    NYG could possibly trade with Arizona for Rosen if they like him as their QB of the future and use their 1st round picks on other players this year. I’d bet a 2nd or 3rd this year and next year would get that done.

    As a long suffering but suddenly excited Browns fan, I’m a disciple of the God of Many Picks. NYG got a good haul from CLE, so they can get creative.

  • Jim Heneghan says:

    Why is no one talking about plugging that gaping hole at left tackle on Big Blue’s O line? Ereck Flowers was a concierge letting defensive line men sack Eli after taking their coats. Things got better after he was benched but I can’t see why the O line isn’t an emergency.

    I’m hoping Sammy D grows into his role a bit more this year. Against Detroit last year the talking heads were declaring him the second coming of Nameth. I’m not sure if the Jets O needs anything major beyond growing up. Hopefully some stud D line could put them on that next level

  • Hunter Rohles says:

    As a Raider fan myself, you could expect similar outcry if we eschew our plans for a rebuild with some semblance of continuity between seasons by abandoning our 2016 MVP candidate quarterback so soon. It would be near criminal to give a young talent 5 coordinators in 6 years only to kick him out the door when he fails to turn grey water into wine.

    I can only hope the Jets find a QB hungry trade partner, or decide to follow team need over true talent and fortify their edge, I think the big Williams 92 from Alabama would look incredible in Silver & Black, if only he could fall to us “lurking in the weeds” at four.

  • I always watch the first few rounds. My Seahawks traded my favorite player in Frank Clark. So I’m eager to see who they get to rush the edge and sack. Lots of DEs available, even way down the list. Hope you get what you want for your teams, George!

  • roman martinez says:

    The giant do need a new quarterback to groom. manning has allready fulfilled his role in Giants history, eventhough he would reach a coplue of exelent campaings in the coming years he is gettin old, there has to be a succesor. alas being a cowboys fan myself, i trully hope they mess that up.

  • Lord William says:

    The Raiders are lurking indeed (our logo is basically Euron)… Gruden will pay the iron price for a quarterback send Carr to the Mag and the giants.

  • Nicholas B. Gerard says:

    I’m really hoping Allen falls to my Lions @ 8 since he’s the most perfect fit for our defense out of everyone in the draft. However, I don’t see that happening. I have no idea who the Giants are going to take. At present time I have the Jets taking Quinnen Williams and the Giants being the ones who take Allen since they need pass rush help too (who doesn’t?). I appreciate the draft post. Have a great day.

  • A concerned Bills fan says:

    The AFC East is only big enough for one Josh Allen and we already have him, so…

  • Sean says:

    I saw draft and thought it was something else. But to stay on topic, here’s hoping my 49ers get some good dynasty players!

  • Mike says:

    As an Ohio State alumnus, I hope you get to see the Giants take Haskins. I’ve never been so confident about a quarterback — every time he dropped back to pass, I just knew the ball would find its target. There’s something special about the kid.

  • Blair says:

    Hey George – seen a lot of sports commentators remarking that the Giants made the wrong choice last year going with Barkley over a QB, how do you rate that selection after a year?

  • Caffite says:

    Hope the buckys win it

  • Jeddy Wilkinson says:

    Not being a football fan, my brain immediately went to a different kind of draft, heh, and I got really excited for a moment. Ah well, no worries.

    I have nothing footbally to say, but I want to congratulate you on the cookies. It’s such a little thing but it’s so cool. I can’t imagine my books ever being so popular they make custom Oreos based on them. It’s an awesome feat. Keep up the amazing work and keep enjoying the fruits of well deserved success. Thanks for all the enrerrainment.

  • Seth Patrich says:

    Did the Colts make the right choice when they drafted Manning over Leaf?

    Only time will tell……

  • Dylan Smith says:

    Go chiefs

  • Bernadette Lange says:

    Boy I love your enthusiasm. I’m not sure any pick will help the Jets. Hey, but as a Jets fan, I know the only excitement we have is the draft and the first couple of games-then it all crumbles down around us. J-E-T-S! Jets!Jets! …oh nevermind

  • Dylan Smith says:

    Go chiefs! 😛

  • Will says:

    Do you think there’s any wisdom in the idea that the Giants will forego taking a QB this year and instead go for one of the QB’s in next years draft?

  • Dylan says:

    Mahomes > Eli
    Go chiefs
    Idk if my comments are posting but this next season should be a good one. Winter is Coming

  • Mike Crowell says:

    I’ll be watching, too.
    Hopefully, my beleaguered Lions will get some offensive linemen.

  • Josh W. says:

    I don’t know, the Bills are looking pretty strong this coming season. Revamped o-line, some depth at RB, some new receivers to catch those rockets from Allen. Their defense was good last year and looks to be better this year. Those last 4 games really saw some huge improvements at the QB position. That last beatdown of Miami was a joy to watch.

    I believe they also have like 10 picks this draft. I like their trajectory.

  • Frank Vogt says:

    Jets defense:

    DLine: the mountain, Tormund Giantsbane, the Hound, aero Hotah
    Linebackers: Bronn, Greyworm, euron Greyjoy
    Defensive backfield: Daario Newark’s, Ramsey Bolton, Delores Ed, Arya Stark


    Qb: Argon Targaryen (Jon Snow)
    O line: Hodor, Hotpie, samwell Tarly, Varis, Royce
    TE: Brienne of Tarth (Sir)
    RB: Rob stark
    Wr: Jamie Lannister
    Wr. Theon Greyjoy
    Slot wr: Tyrion Lannister.

    K : littlefinger.

  • Joel says:

    Not much of a Fan of Football these past few years. Vikings have let me down to many times. Hopefully The Giants draft someone the size of Wun Wun for the offensive line so Eli can have more time to throw the ball. Good luck to your team this year.

  • Daniel Kenitz says:

    I contend that the NFL draft is better for the average NFL fan than the Superbowl. Here are my reasons:

    1. All 32 teams are involved with the NFL draft; only 2 are involved in the Superbowl, and unless you’re a Patriots fan, it’s usually not “your team.”
    2. The draft is extremely consequential, with player impacts that can last decades or spectacular failures that can doom a team.
    3. The NFL draft is far longer and has much more interest for football nerds who love getting into the weeds of which team is picking up which 7th round players.

    My question to you is: as a tortured NY football fan, do you agree that the NFL draft is sometimes more engaging than the Superbowl?

  • Brian Bennett says:

    I don’t understand why the Giants still have Eli Manning starting. He’s had his time and it’s clear it’s over. As a Giants fan it hurts to watch as I know our team could be one of the best if we just had a QB. Barkley is an amazing RB and we have a new talent receiver in Golden Tate. Last year was an incredible let down when we had both OBJ and Barkley.. all we need is a QB. I really don’t know why or how anyone still has faith in Eli.

  • Samuel says:

    As a Lions fan, hoping G-men pass on Haskins at 6. Lions need to move on from Stafford at some point, or at least figure out a successor. If I’m Gettleman, I think I have to take a QB. Eli isn’t what he once was, and great teams aren’t led by running backs.

  • TJ Whitaker says:

    Josh Allen is a great kid, I had the privilege of rooting for him at Kentucky. He was held much of the year and still broke records in the SEC.

  • Joe says:

    As an Eagles fan, I really hope the Giants DON’T draft Haskins at #6, he would carve us up twice a year for a decade!

    The Jets are loaded though with their franchise signal caller in tow and a shiny new RB, could be a surprise playoff team this year.

  • Brandon says:

    I’m from Kentucky and watched Josh Allen play all year long. I think he should go #1. If gang green gets him at #3 he will not disappoint. He nearly single-handedly willed the team to 10 wins and a Citrus Bowl victory last year.

  • Jesse says:

    I have heard speculation that Arizona may unload Rosen for a fairly cheap price. Would you still expect a bloodbath if they went a different direction at 6 & 17 and traded a 3rd round pick for Rosen?

  • _LordMandrake_ says:

    I didn’t know how much I wanted Josh Allen on Josh Allen action but now nothing else will do.

    Haskins was legit (in college), not just a big arm and generally accurate but he seems to place the ball where the receiver wants it – in stride, away so they can get down and avoid a big hit, etc.

  • Sir Meding says:

    Great insight George! Since I have sworn my allegiance to House McCaskey I hope the Mack trade will never come back to haunt us.

  • Matt says:

    As a Ravens fan, this line: “small, swift, scrambling signal caller who has been compared to Michael Vick and Baker Mayfield” can be either a good or bad thing. Watching Lamar last season was a treat, what will come of his sophomore year? Thoughts?

  • Joey Norcross says:

    Not at all what i expected when I saw that a “draft” was coming, but very insightful analysis! Both New York teams have a bright future if they can get out of their own way, but I’m fully on board the Bills Mafia, so the Jets can take their time rebuilding!

  • Conor says:

    As a giant fan and in an ideal world I would love to see the giants trade their 3rd round pick for the Cards QB Rosen should they take Murray No.1. That would mean that the giants could focus their first pick in the draft on the defensive line, since they lost Vernon and the second first round pick on a WR or a corner back? And with a high second round pick they can still pick up some high quality players with the ability to be immediate starters.
    I would also recommend looking into Pro Football Focus (PFF), if you have not already. I like the way they use analytics to evaluate players and how it might transfer to the professional game.

    First time commenting on any of your blogs but I’m a giants fan and song of ice and fire fan, appreciate you big time. From just another fan from Ireland.

  • Teddy (Vikes Fan) says:

    GM Gettleman calling the shots in NY is like Joffrey on the throne… hard to imagine much success under his rule.

    Jets have a better chance I think. Good Luck to your teams!

  • Tyler says:

    In my mock (well the one I made where Murray does not go one as the rumor mill has said the last day or two) I have the Giants snagging Ed Oliver at 6, trading down 17 for a first round next year and change, and getting Eli’s old apprentice Daniel Jones at 27.

    Jets go with Josh Allen. I definitely agree he is the best option there. I actually think he will have a better career than Nick Bosa. Considered having them trade down since they don’t have a second, but the trade offers wouldn’t be good enough to pass him up.

  • Greg H says:

    George, what do you think about the Jets’ CJ Mosely pickup? What does this mean for Darron Lee?

  • P K Fredericks says:

    Stugotz, of the Dan Lebatard Show, keeps telling people you are a big Jets fan. I have heard you are a big Giants fan. Which is it, or is it both?


  • George says:

    From one George to another, I’m hoping the jets stay and take a blue chip player like the 3 mentioned. I know we need an edge rusher but Quinnen Williams looks too dominant to pass up! Will be watching with baited breath

  • Justice Buras says:

    Man, my team has one pick in the second and then none until the 5th round (the Saints). We went all in last year, and I feel this is our last year until a rebuild.

    This year’s draft is intriguing. Why would Arizona invest in the QBs and then draft another when they had more glaring issues. So many unknowns.

    How about White for the Jets?

  • Scott says:

    I’ll be watching also and preparing for my spring disappointment of another poor Washington Redskins draft!! Best of luck to your Jets not so much for your Giants!!!

  • Aaron says:

    Great title! I’m most excited to see what happens with the Cardinals and the #1 pick this year. The Kyler Murray vs Josh Rosen debate has only begun. The NY Giants QB competition will be another fun one to watch. Whether they draft a QB in the early rounds or later rounds, they need a backup plan. As a Minnesota Vikings fan I know what it’s like nervously wondering who your next franchise will be. Should be another entertaining draft. Can’t wait!

  • Danny Heifetz says:


  • Jeff says:

    I wish House Kettleblack(The Jets) good fortunes in the wars to come.

  • Chris says:

    I have a sneaking suspicion that Trace McSorley could be in play for the Giants. The “big name” QB interest could very well be a smokescreen in hopes of defensive players they like falling to both 6 and 17. Gettleman doesn’t seem to place the same emphasis on positional value that others around the league do. If he doesn’t see one of the QBs “in a gold jacket,” I don’t see him picking one early.

    McSorley would appear to be someone who could be taken later in the draft as he doesn’t fit the archaic prototype. He doesn’t have the biggest arm, but if they wanted a big armed QB, I imagine they would have kept OBJ. Based on the selection of Barkley last year (and to a lesser extent Hernandez) and the (re-)signing of Tate and Shepard, a run-centric offense based on RPOs and the quick passing game could be in the cards.

    Just hope that the Giants don’t go defense with the first two and then package later picks to trade up to 22 for a QB. As a Browns fan, I’ve seen that that generally doesn’t end well.

  • Edward Kos says:

    Here come the Jets! Number 3 pick overall and considering the trade down! While more picks could be better, we’ll be at a great position to get a first round defensive talent that would give us the lift we need. But those extra picks could come in use in bulking up what is not a gorgeous o-line. Here’s hoping they make the right decision.

  • Brice Edelman says:

    Jets need a center… really hope they can find one worth taking in round 3 or 4.

  • Jeffery S Hawkins says:

    The giants should take Josh Allen or Nick Bosa whoever falls to them after the cards and niners pick, and they should trade their 17th pick to Arizona for Josh Rosen

  • Scott Arnold says:

    Kyler Murray, First of his Draft Class, Breaker of Tackles, is the Khaleesi. He’s a game-changer with an unsullied running ability and dragon-like air power. I believe he’ll join the team with the sigil of the Cardinal.
    Nick, of House Bosa, is Jon Snow, aka Aegon Targaryen. He will be welcomed to the Bay of 49ers. His bloodline is proven, as is his ability to lead.
    This means that the Jets will have a chance at drafting Drogon! Yes, I mean Quinnen Williams. This guy could be a future defensive player of the year, and the Jets can ride him as he breathes fire on all enemy lines.

  • Josh says:

    The Giants better pick a strong armed qb who can handle the cold winds of winter whistling through the stadium late in the season. I’d take haskins if I were set on picking one but none of the QBs this year would be selected before the top 3 maybe 4 from last year

  • Donnie Schmidt says:

    huge giants fan hope we take devin white 6 or josh allen and grab a qb at 17 like lock and haskins not a huge fan of taking jones at 17

  • Caio says:

    I really enjoy reading your posts about football. The last couple of years must’ve been tough, as if seeing the Patriots go three times in a row to the Super Bowl wasn’t bad enough the one they lost was against the f Eagles. I’ll not even attempt to ask which one was the worst.

    You should make a appearance on the Rich Eisen show, he is also a Jets fan.

    I was tempted to add an asoiaf question, but I still have 22 mock draft analysis to read.

  • Bruce Cotton says:

    Im right there with ya! I watch all days, all rounds.

    Have my doubts about Murray, even though I’ve seen every game he’s played….hope he can take a full season of NFL punishment.

  • Sean says:

    “Eli Manning is a class guy, and I’d love nothing better than for him to have a great season and lead the Giants to another SuperBowl, making all his detractors eat a big crow pie along the way.”

    How much of Eli Manning being “washed up” these last couple years is from his O-line and other surrounding pieces being bad and how much is it from him actually being old? He’s 38 but in the modern era late 30s is the new early 30s for an NFL QB. I just wonder how much longer his career can go and if how much if his issues are his own and how much due to the team.

    Though I wonder this about many quarterbacks who appear to be either mediocre or amazing for a couple years. When they’re suddenly on a new team or have a new coach/gm there are many QBs who go from mediocre to amazing and vice versa.

    I’m a Cowboys fan but always want the Giants to be good. Since rivalries are always much more fun when both teams are elite.

  • Flying Jesuit says:

    I’d like to think that George would’ve like my comment on this post. Username is flyingjesuit:

  • Joe says:

    As a Jets fan, I’m not too worried about the first round – Jets have a lot of options there, and it would be difficult (though not impossible) to screw that up. Far more concerned with the later rounds, where Maccagnan has a terrible track record. Jets need to come out of this draft with more than one good player and a handful of nobodies that are out of the league in a year or two.

  • Alejandro LaTorre says:

    The Jets are need so much. I hope one of Qb hungry teams decides to make a trade with us. I’d love for the Jets to focus on offensive line and draft Jonah Williams if they trade down. If we stay at #3 then take Quinnen Williams or Ed Oliver.

    Giants should use a 2nd round pick on Josh Rosen and use their 1st round picks (6 & 17) on an edge rusher, Josh Allen, and Odell replacement, DK Metcalf.

    Big draft for both teams. Giants messing this up (drafting the wrong QB or not trading for one) will mean QB hell; a place the Jets know oh too well.

  • Stephen e Richter says:

    Would you be Happy with Rosen as a Giant? Most have him going to the Chargers. I am glad the Jets are set at QB for the next decade at least unless some lineman’s butt gets in the way, then who knows! Happy viewing,

  • Ibbison says:

    Pick #6 just announced.

    Well, that was interesting.

    I don’t think they took the right guy, but at least they gave their choice of next QB the respect to choose him with their top pick. It was the right thing to do.

    I wish both the NYG and Jones good luck, as long as they’re not playing the Packers.

  • Ibbison says:

    Lions just took Hockenson. Seven hells.

    Gute should take his favorite OT at #12.

  • Ibbison says:

    OK. Bengals just took Williams. Pack get their choice of Fant, Taylor, or someone else they like better. Not a bad place for Gute to be.

    Gary??? Don’t like it at all. Damn. Not a position of need for the Pack, and not reliable. Damn.

  • Joe says:

    Can you please change your “current mood” to “disappointment”? That Duke QB at 6? I’m just…just…sad.

  • Ibbison says:

    2018-2019 Packers picks in the first 3 rounds – 13 (as of 20190425-2040CDT)

    5 CB, 1 S, 3 DL, 1 OLB, 1 ILB, 1 OT (who isn’t good enough to start), 1 WR ( who was converted to a RB, and then converted to a Raven.)

    Anyone wonder why AR12 is pissed off?

  • Ibbison says:

    Packers trade up with Seattle to get pick #21, and take another DB.

    That’s now 7 DB, 2 LB, 3 DL, 1 OL, I WR/RB/Raven in the top 3 rounds from 2015 – ’19.

    The Packers’ front office is expecting Rodgerstilskin to spin gold from straw.

    Aaron should retire tomorrow. No one could possibly blame him.

  • Pat says:

    Ugh. Mel Kiper. The Red Priest of the NFL. No matter how many times he gets it wrong I keep reading his predictions.

    Mel’s list is long and full of errors!

  • Andrew Steffl says:

    “The draft is coming”!!!? You are a bad, bad man, Mr Martin. 😉

  • Eric says:

    Whew. Daniel Jones at 6. Oooook then. Bold move, Giants. Bold move. Maybe the most universally panned draft pick in recent memory.

    I get what one of the above posters said about “if you believe in him and want him as your franchise QB, take him early or not at all” but draft picks aren’t made in a vacuum. His value is more in line with a late first/early second round pick, so 17 made WAY more sense. With Haskins on the board, and maybe even Drew Lock, the chances of him being gone by 17 are very slim. You could’ve taken an elite edge rusher or offensive lineman at 6 and then got your guy at 17.

    Then again, I’m not in the room, so maybe the Giants were convinced that someone else would take Haskins before the Redskins, and Jones was in danger of being picked BY Washington…but it didn’t turn out that way.

    The real question is why Jones over Haskins? The ACC was horrible, Duke was horrible, and that kid is a massive, massive project. Haskins has his shortcomings, but he was deadly accurate and beat some really legit defenses (Michigan being the best example).

  • Jay Vee says:

    wow i can’t believe you’re a Jets fan. i came here to write something potentially snarky about winds of winter, but my anger is considerably abated with this unexpected find. i’m super intrigued. how did you come to stan two new york teams? so many questions.

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