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Wild Cards Gets Wilder

May 14, 2018

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There’s some cool new content out there for all of you Wild Cards fans reading this.

Over on, Katie Rask has uploaded a wonderful piece on the archaeology of the Wild Cards version of New York City, post Jetboy and all that followed.  Katie is a professional archaeologist in her real life and knows whereof she speaks.   Check it out:

SFF Archaeology: Excavating the Superhero World of the Wild Card Series

((And while you’re there, check out the Wild Cards Reread posts as well, and weigh in with your own two cents.   The reread is up to volume seven, DEAD MAN’S HAND, with many more on the way)).

Meanwhile, on the official Wild Cards website, there’s an amazing and exhaustive new blog post by Kevin Andrew Murphy, creator of Rosa Loteria (and half a hundred other characters), about Rosa’s origins and the history of the  ‘Mexican bingo’ card game, loteria, that inspired her.   Lots of wonderful loteria art is included, some of it from the incredible deck that John Picacio has been working on these past few years.   It’s at:

Next month will be a big one for Wild Cards, with two new books being released:  LOW CHICAGO by Tor in the USA, KNAVES OVER QUEENS by HarperCollins Voyager in the UK.   Both of them are available for preorder now from your favorite online booksellers.

You can check out a FREE excerpt from LOW CHICAGO over at at

Low Chicago


And do remember, signed copies of all the Wild Cards book (well, all the ones currently in print, anyway) are available from the bookstore at the Jean Cocteau Cinema.   All autographed by me… and in many cases by various of the contributing writers as well.

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  • Amanda Reed says:

    George –

    I wanted to drop in and tell you that I am a proud fan of the work that you do. You are a great guy. I read up on you all of the time and enjoy seeing the new and old projects you are involved with (like Wild Cards), because that is what you love to do. Eventually I plan on coming to see Meow Wolf (amazing!!). I feel bad because you get all of this negativity from people who are supposed to be your fans. It is ridiculous. I admit, I’ve been anticipating Winds of Winter along with everyone else. That is alright though. Finish it your way, ignore the hecklers and zone them out. Can’t wait to read Fire & Blood! Keep up the amazing work!

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