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Max Is Coming

April 22, 2015

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I’m VERY excited to announce that Mad Max is coming to the Jean Cocteau Cinema.

Remakes are often problematic, but this one looks as though it could be something special. And I say that as a fan of the original Mel Gibson trilogy. The first MAD MAX was just okay, I will admit, but BEYOND THUNDERDOME was damned good, and I rank the middle film, THE ROAD WARRIOR, as the best post-holocaust film, and one of the best SF adventures, ever made.

The reboot looks as though it is drawing more on THE ROAD WARRIOR than the other two. But hey, take a look for yourself:

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(Ignore that last frame about 3D. The Cocteau does not have 3D. See it in gorgeous 2D!!!)

We’re going to try and make FURY ROAD’s run at the Cocteau a real event. We are making arrangements to bring in Max’s V8 Interceptor to park in front of the theatre, and we hope to have the Gyro Captain, the Humungus (Ayatollah of Rocknrollah), and Max himself on hand. (No, not the actual actors, sorry). (Not sure whether the Gyro Captain actually appears in FURY ROAD, but he’s my favorite characters from ROAD WARRIOR, so he’ll be here anyway).

FURY ROAD will open at the Cocteau on the night of Thursday, May 14. Advance tickets are available for purchase right now at the Cocteau website. And as a special bonus for all you Warriors of the Wasteland, anyone who purchases an advance ticket to FURY ROAD, any showing, before May 10 will also get a FREE SMALL POPCORN. Real butter and special toppings, no charge.

“Remember lingerie?”

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