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November 27, 2014

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Okay, last week's football proved beyond a doubt that life is miserable and full of pain.

The Jets snow-shifted game against Buffalo, in Detroit, was a disgrace.  The whole team looked awful .  No one more so than Michael Vick, whose once-famed elusiveness seems a thing of the past.  Even worse than the drubbing was the fact that Vick was so wretched that Rex actually benched him for Geno Smith, and has announced that Geno will start again this week.  Argh.  A nightmare.  Vick is done, and Geno is a bust.  GIVE MATT SIMMS A START, I say.  He cannot possibly be worse than Vick and Smith.  It won't happen, I know, but it should.  We need to find out if there is a NFL-calibre on the roster before next year's draft.

The Giants game was far more exciting, but in the end almost as painful, since Big Blue's wretched defense found a way to lose the game to the despised Cowboys after Eli had won it with a masterful fourth quarter drive.  The Giants outplayed Dallas for most of the game, but still blew it at the end.  Losing is always bad; losing to the Cowboys is worse than bad.

But there was one transcendent moment, one brief burst of joy to take from the weekend of despair.  Ladies and gents, I give Odell Beckham Junior, and one of the greatest TD catches in NFL history.

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