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November 16, 2014

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It's a wonder the score was so close.  The Niners dominated much of the game, but to the credit of Big Blue's D, they bent but did not break, and denied San Francisco several times in the red zone.  If only the offense had been able to take advantage…

But no.  Every time it seemed as if points were in prospect, Bad Eli threw another one to the Niners.  Even so, with time running out in the fourth quarter, the G-Men were down at the five with first and goal.  Four runs with Rashad Jennings and maybe we steal the win.  Instead we got three fades (all incomplete) and an INT.  Game over.

The only good to salvage from the afternoon: it does appear New York has found a genuine star in Odell Beckhem Jr.   He could very well turn into the best wideout the Giants have had since… well, since forever… and next year, if Victor Cruz returns to form, Big Blue could have one of the best receiving tandems in the league.

But that's next year.  And we'll still need some more studs on the O-line, to help keep Eli alive and upright.

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