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LOWBALL Done & Delivered

April 12, 2013

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Another monkey off my back…

This time it is a hideous mutant joker monkey. LOWBALL, the twenty-second volume in the ongoing Wild Cards series of shared world anthologies and mosaic novels, is finally complete, and has been delivered to our editors at Tor.

The lineup this time:
!œThe Big Bleed,! by Michael Cassutt, starring STUNTMAN,
!œThose About to Die,! by David Anthony Durham, starring INFAMOUS BLACK TONGUE,
!œGalahad in Blue! by Melinda Snodgrass, starring FRANCIS XAVIER BLACK of the NYPD,
!œTies That Bind! by Mary Anne Mohanraj, starring MICHAEL STEVENS of the NYPD,
!œCry Wolf! by David D. Levine, introducing THE CARTOONIST,
!œRoad Kill! by Walter Jon Williams, starring GORDON THE GHOUL,
!œOnce More, for Old Time’s Sake! by Carrie Vaughn, starring EARTH WITCH, CURVBALL, DRUMMER BOY, and JOHN FORTUNE,
!œNo Parking!¦ !œ by Ian Tregillis, starring RUSTBELT.

Special thanks this time around to Melinda Snodgrass, who stepped in heroically to help with the editing on this one when I was being crushed beneath the weight of other deadlines. I could not have pulled this puppy together without her.

LOWBALL will likely be released by Tor in hardcover in summer, 2014. More details when I have ’em. Our main man, Michael Komarck, is already hard at work on another spectacular cover.

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