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Sorry, Brazil

February 12, 2012

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I was supposed to make an appearance yesterday at a fan festival in Brazil, taking questions from my Brazilian readers via the wonders of the internet.

Well, I did appear, kinda sorta:

Unfortunately, the internet proved less wonderous than promised. We were using Skype, and while everything was working fine on my end, down in Brazil the sound kept cutting in and out. I did get to say hello and field two questions, but I am not sure how much of my answers was actually heard. Every few seconds the proceedings would be halted yet again while they switched to a new computer, tried a new setting, fiddled with some knobs, or whatever.

We finally had to give up, defeated by technology.

Sorry, Brazil. One of these days I will have to try and make it down there in person.

I am sure Vince Gerardis filled in admirably in my electronic absence. None of this GAME OF THRONES stuff would be happening if not for him.

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