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November 27, 2011

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Well, the Jets eeked one out, defeating the Buffalo Bills to snap a two-game losing streak and keep alive some hope of making the playoffs.

It was a near thing, though, in a home game that I had expected they would win convincingly. Mark Sanchez threw four TD passes, a personal record, but despite that he looked anything but impressive, He also threw an INT, and at least two other balls that could and should have been intercepted. And the vaunted Jets D stopped the Bills on their last drive with less than a minute left in the game.,.. but that was deceptive two. Two different Bills receivers dropped game-winning TD passes on that drive, elsewise I would be gnashing my teeth and tearing out my hair right now.

Gang Green got lucky,

Luck never lasts in the NFL, however. The Jets really need to start playing much much better if they’re to have any hope to sneaking into the dance, let alone winning a playoff game.

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