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Clarion 2010

August 20, 2009

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Just a heads up to any aspiring writers reading this… especially those of you who don’t make it a practice to visit the Appearances page on my website.

I will be one of the instructors at the Clarion Workshop in San Diego next summer.

If you don’t know what Clarion is, or do know but would like more information, there’s a website at Right now it still features the info about the 2009 version of the workshop, but they will be updating it for 2010 soon.

Clarion is very competitive, and not everyone who applies will be accepted, but if you’re serious about wanting to write SF and fantasy, give it a shot. It’s a great program, and an astonishing number of professional writers have come out of Clarion and Clarion West over the decades.

I get a regular stream of emails from beginning writers with questions on all aspects of writing and selling their work, most of which I don’t have the time to answer. (Though my website does include a FAQ). Come to Clarion, and you get all those questions (and many more) answered. Though you may not like the answers…

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