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August 18, 2009

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… no news.

No announcements from HBO yet. Sorry, I have no idea when they will release the names of the six actors cast but not announced. Soon, I hope. I know the speculation has driven many of you quite mad.

Things are progressing, though. The production offices have opened in Belfast, and soon pre-production will be underway in earnest. We have had a postponement, though: filming will start two weeks later than previously announced, on October 26 rather than October 12. No big thing, just a tweak to allow David and Dan and the rest of the gang to get all the ducks in a row. On a project of this size, you can’t have crooked ducks.

I expect to hear that several more roles have been filled by week’s end. Though that doesn’t mean I will be able to tell you who has filled them. Sorry.

Having worked in television myself for ten years, I understand how tough the choices can be sometimes, and I understand what David and Dan and Tom McCarthy are going through:

So all I can say is… be patient, and all shall be revealed.

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