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Off to Estonia

July 12, 2009 at 10:20 pm
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Finncon is fini. Parris and I have just staggereed back to our hotel room from the dead reindeer party. The party is still going strong and we would love to have stayed longer… till sunset, at least… but we have to be up early tomorrow to catch a ferry to Estonia, where I’ll be doing a signing in Tallinn. Then the next day it’s back across the sea to Helsinki again, just long enough to set off for Turku, where I’ve got another signing.

Finncon was terrific. The warmth and hospitality we’ve found here has completely ruined my image of Finland as a frozen wasteland. Who knew? The sauna was fun too. And then there were all the cute anime girls in costume offering free hugs…

Thanks to all my Finnish friends. Now off to Estonia!

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