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January 7, 2009

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So I’m watching ESPN this morning and they’ve got a story about the upcoming playoff game between the Ravens and the Titans. Ravens rookie QB Joe Flacco has been given a nickname by his teammates, the reporter announces — “Joe Cool.”

Pfui. I have nothing against Joe Flacco, who seems to be a promising young talent, but why can’t this new generation of NFL players make up their own fraking nicknames??? There’s only one Joe Cool, and his last name was Montana, not Flacco.

And while I am on the subject, there’s only one LT, and he was a linebacker for the New York Giants, not the oft-injured running back for that team in San Diego.

Next thing we know, ESPN will be telling us that some wet-behind-the-ears young kids just out of college want to be called “Night Train” and “Crazylegs.” Well, I saw it’s spinach and I say the hell with it.

The commish needs to start slapping big fines on these clowns for inappropriate misappropriation of nicknames.

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