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Words Fail Me

January 14, 2009 at 10:29 pm
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From Jim Ludwig:

“Lillian left this world holding the hand of God at 8:41 pm CST tonight. She peacefully died in our arms as we talked to her telling her how much we love her and how amazing our exactly 100 days to almost the minute were before she had her incident at Daycare.

She then held on for 3 long days as a last gift to us so we could say our goodbyes and let our friends/family say their goodbyes. She was such a little trooper trying to breathe on her own and fight through this. She just could not breath enough to sustain herself on her own after the brain damage. There were glimmers of hope here and there, but the damage to her brain was so devastating from the initial daycare incident, all of her upper brain functions were gone.

Melissa and I will never be the same as sharing our brief time with Lillian has changed us forever. They were the most amazing days of our lives and also the most devastating at the end. Please see the attached pics we took the night before the incident (some are a tad older). She was so happy and so talkative. She was the same the morning we took her to daycare. We have no answers yet except some sort of SIDS-type attack that happened at Daycare.

Please pray for Lillian.”


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Prayers for Lillian

January 14, 2009 at 12:19 pm
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I’ve just received some terrible news from my friends at Dark Sword Miniatures. Their daughter stopped breathing Monday at daycare, and is in the hospital.

Jim writes:

“circumstances are grave. she will most likely not make it, but we are holding out hope for a miracle recovery.

could you say a prayer for her and ask your readers to pray for her?

She is only 3 months old (and so healthy) and this came out of nowwhere.

She is hooked up to a breathing machine but will once in a while fight in a breath of her own as her little body tries to get better.

Her brain is in really rough shape.

I am typing this from a hospital laptop.

If you and your readers could keep our daughter in your thoughts, we would be thankful.”

I hope that all of you will join with me in sending your prayers and good wishes to little Lillian, and hoping for a good outcome. You can send your messages of support directly to her parents via


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