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Guardians of Order RPG

January 5, 2009 at 12:55 pm
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The pristine, undamaged copies of the Guardians of Order GAME OF THRONES rpg book are now all gone. Sorry.

I do still have some copies with minor water damage available at $55 plus shipping, and some with major water damage available at $20.


My lady Parris has asked me to add the following addendum to this post:

“Although George’s stock of the gorgeous Guardians of Order RPG limited
edition is now depleted, I still have a few copies.

Those copies will be donated to charity auctions for good-deed-doing
over the next few years. Usually we donate an item or two to the
charity auctions held at conventions we attend, or to on-line auctions
such as last year’s “Match It for Pratchett” campaign.

So for those unhappy collectors who weren’t able to get a copy before
George sold out, there’s still hope you can get one in the coming
years, if you attend a convention we’re at, or you see that I’ve
donated one to an on-line auction. An added bonus will be helping out
with a good cause as well as getting a copy of this incredible book.”


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