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Magic Times Three

March 23, 2017 at 7:35 pm
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If you’re a fan of magic, we have some great shows in store for you these next few months, right here in River City Santa Fe.

First up, at the Jean Cocteau, the amazing FRANCIS MENOTTI will be returning for three more shows. Francis is the guy who stumped Penn & Teller, and he’ll be performing the “stumper” for us as well, along with a host of other tricks, on Friday April 21 and Saturday, April 22.

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Next up, all the way from Down Under, will be a pair of young Aussie lads who call themselves… yes… THE NAKED MAGICIANS! The Jean Cocteau is co-sponsoring this one with the Lensic, since our stage is way too small (and way too close) to hold an act as… revealing… as the Naked Magicians. The Lensic, with its big auditorium and huge stage, will do just fine.

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The boys from down under will be in town for ONE PERFORMANCE ONLY on Tuesday, May 30. For tickets, you will need to go to the Lensic website at

Last, but far from least, one of our favorites returns to the Jean Cocteau for her third time: MISTY LEE, straight from LA’s famous Magic Castle. Catch her at the JCC June 9-10, for three shows.

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For this visit, Misty has promised to STAB an audience member!

Tickets for Misty Lee and Francis Menotti can be purchased from the Jean Cocteau Cinema website, at

Don’t miss you, or we’ll turn you into a toad!

The Comedy, Magic, and Mentalism of Max Krause #GRRMinion

July 11, 2016 at 2:25 pm
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I'm not George R.R. Martin. I'm Ogre Jenni, and I work at the Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe. Here is the ancient song of my people.

This weekend, we welcome another incredible magician to our stage! Max Krause, who also owns a really cool magic shop, will stun adults and children alike with his brilliant magical acts. He will perform some A Song of Ice and Fire themed tricks, befuddle us with expert-level prestidigitations, melt our brains (and our sense of free will) using his Mentalism techniques, and much more!

Max has performed for several celebrities including (but definitely not limited to) The Minnesota Vikings, Frank Thomas (of the Chicago White Sox), The Cranberries, Motley Crue, Ted McGinley, James Belushi, and Metallica. METALLICA, PEOPLE! Make your jokes about Lars, if you must, but still! There is a good reason Max was invited to perform for Metallica. He is truly a world class magician.

If you are near Santa Fe this weekend, bring your friends and family! They'll all have a great time.

Learn more here!


Francis Menotti Returns to Jean Cocteau Cinema #GrrMinion

March 28, 2016 at 4:24 pm
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My name is Jenni, and I am just an ogre living in a human’s world. I also work for Jean Cocteau Cinema, George’s movie theatre and events venue in Santa Fe, New Mexico!

Jean Cocteau Cinema is proud to welcome the magician who stumped Penn and Teller, Francis Menotti, back to its stage on Friday, April 1st and Saturday, April 2nd. Our audiences were blown away by his performances last time, and Menotti says that he has written some awesome new material for us!

Francis Menotti has surprised and confounded audiences worldwide with his Scrabble tricks and word games. He runs circles around participants with an intentionally convoluted (but hilarious) script that makes you feel like you're struggling through the vocab section of the GRE—except that it's really fun!

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Magicians use sleight-of-hand or physical cues to direct attention away from a trick's execution, and Menotti takes it a step further with his outlandishly ornate vocabulary. You really do have to stop and think for a moment about what he's saying. His wordsmithing is both a brilliant distraction and an integral part of the trick's nerdy flavor.

Menotti also exhibits an appreciation for modern art history—Surrealism in particular. Lobsters and green apples make appearances in his shows, and sometimes he will work original animations and other artistic creations into his acts. His magic shows are funny, artistic, exciting, and absolutely brilliant.

In addition, Menotti agreed to do some up-close prestidigitations and card tricks in the bar after the shows! See you at the Cocteau!


A Night of Comedy and Magic with Joel Ward – Presented by Jean Cocteau Cinema

September 4, 2015 at 1:07 pm
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Ogre Jenni here – yes "Ogre" is my awesome job title. Nice to meet you!

Jean Cocteau Cinema, our lovely little cinema in Santa Fe, proudly welcomes comedian and magician Joel Ward to our stage on Friday, September 11th and Saturday, September 12th. You can find out specific showtimes and purchase tickets here!

We love magic shows at the Cocteau, and we seek out a variety of magicians with unique personalities and theatrical stylings. Take some of our previous magic shows for example. The Amazing Misty Lee brought a spooky Victorian elegance to her seance-themed performances, and Francis Menotti's magic possessed intellectual, surreal, and art historical qualities. This time around, we have a stage thief named Joel Ward. Think "Vegas!" We're pretty sure that stars and beautiful ladies sparkle around his head at all times. Joel's act is flashy, funny, and incredibly polished. His "prestidigitations" (commonly known as 'sleight of hand') are simply awe-inspiring. No dumb ol' quarters will be pulled from behind people's ears—try flocks of flaming doves or sequined assistants (chopped in half or whole—we don't know.)

Okay, I can't absolutely promise flocks of flaming doves or portions of sequined assistants, but I can promise plenty of audience participation. And regular magical doves. In other words, expect nothing short of perfection. *

A little bit about Joel Ward:

Joel was a World Champion Teen Magician by age 15, and he placed 1st at the International Brotherhood of Magicians annual competition, which is the World’s Largest Magic Organization. He performs hundreds of shows per year, and he has been featured on the Bonnie Hunt Show, The Masters of Illusion, and for the Barnum & Bailey Circus show, Boom A Ring. He has also made appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and on Comedy Central's Tosh.0. In other words, he's kind of a big deal.

Watch the highlight reel below for a taste of what Joel Ward will bring to the Cocteau! See you there!

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* No regular magical doves or sequined assistants will be harmed during Joel Ward's performances.

More Magic

April 2, 2015 at 10:58 am
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We have more magic coming up at the Jean Cocteau.

On April 10 and 11th, we will be presenting three shows with the renowned illusionist FRANCIS MENOTTI.

Here's a small taste:

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Advance tickets are now on sale on the Cocteau website.

Bizzaro Is Coming…

June 14, 2014 at 1:55 am
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… to the Jean Cocteau.

((No, no, not the Superman villain.  He's Bizarro.  This is Bizzaro, the Optical Illusionist.))   He'll be performing at the Cocteau July 18-19.  Three shows.  An evening show at 6:20 on Friday, and a 2:00 matinee and 8:30 late show on Saturday.

 Advance tickets are now on sale at the Cocteau website: Our magic shows seem to have a habit of selling out, as the folks who couldn't get into Misty Lee and David Kwong's performances could tell you, so if you'd like to check out Bizzaro when he comes to Santa Fe, getcha seats now.

 See you at the magic show.

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Magic in Santa Fe

April 20, 2014 at 6:10 pm
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Magic returns to Santa Fe at the end of April at the Jean Cocteau Cinema, "Your Hometown Movie Theatre."  (Well, provided Santa Fe is your home town).

On April 25, we will be showing the hit magical heist film, NOW YOU SEE ME, for a week's engagement.

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But a magical movie is just the beginning.  That weekend we will also be bringing in DAVID KWONG, the magician behind the film, to talk about the movie and its making, and perform  three live shows for us.  As Head Magical Consultant, David worked with the writers to design all the tricks for the film.  He's a double threat, however: puzzles as well as prestidigation are his province, and he also designs crossword puzzles for the NEW YORK TIMES.

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David will be doing three shows for us: at 6:20 pm on Friday, April 25, and at 2:00 pm and 8:30 pm on Saturday, April 26.

Advance tickets are now on sale from the Cocteau website at

Come and join us, and prepare to be amazed.

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