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New Sword from JALIC BLADES

June 17, 2022

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Jalic Blades and Valyrian Steel  has launched a new sword replication of the blade BLACKFYRE.  Carried by Aegon the Conqueror when he first left Dragonstone for the Seven Kingdoms, Blackfyre was an ancestral sword of his house that became a symbol of the Targaryen dynasty in Westeros.

The sword continued to be used and carried by the Targaryen kings for generations, in peace and in war. Until 182 AC when Aegon IV gifted Blackfyre to his bastard son Daemon, instead of his more scholarly legitimate heir. Daemon took on the name Blackfyre, after his father’s blade, and formed House Blackfyre. The waters of succession were further muddied when Aegon IV legitimized Daemon Blackfyre on his deathbed. The final result was The Blackfyre Rebellion in 196 AC.


 This is a limited edition run from Jalic and is available in both Dumascus and Stanless Steal versions.


About Valyrian Steel ®

The Valyrian Steel ® Collection is a series of weapons and arms created from the fantasy world of author George R.R. martin’s best selling book series “A Song of Ice and Fire”. Each limited edition entry in this collection is made of only the highest quality materials available with special attention made to the finish and detailing. Based on Mr. Martin’s meticulously detailed notes and descriptions, the design of each piece reflects the rich characters and history of his magnificent saga.




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