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Victory in Black, with White

October 31, 2021 at 5:20 pm
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Who WERE those men in black?

They couldn’t have been the New York Jets, could they?   The same team that got spanked by the Falcons and humiliated by the Patriots?   No way.   I mean, they did things the Jets have not done all season.   Scored in the first quarter.   Took the lead.   Got first downs.   Throttled one of the highest scoring offenses in the NFL.   They ran, they passed, they scored.   And that quarterback who came off the bench, four years in the NFL and never started a game before… or even played, till last week.   Mike White?   Is that his name?  I doubt that even Fireman Ed knew it till last week.

But every Jets fan knows it now.   He passed for 400 yards!  Against a tough Bengals D.   No Jets quarterback has passed for 400 yards since Vinnie Testaverde, back in the dawn of time.   Chad Pennington never did it.  Mark Sanchez never did it.  Fitzmagic never did it, Geno never did it, Sam Darnold never did it.   Mike White did it.   He bounced back from a hellacious hit too.   And he caught the two point conversion on a trick play.

I love this guy.   He was everything Zach Wilson and Sam Darnold were supposed to be, but weren’t.

I know, I know.   It’s Halloween.   This must be some kind of trick.   I will wake up tomorrow and it will be Halloween all over again, and the game will have been a dream… a nightmare for Cincy.   Then I will have to watch the real game, and it will be a horror.

But meanwhile… what a treat!

The Jets should wear those black uniforms every week.

And Zach can take his time recovering.   Please.   I want to see if White is real (please please please please please).

Meanwhile, life is marvelous and full of joy.

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