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Denver Beware!

April 20, 2019

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Today’s the day.   You ready, Denver?   Meow Wolf has arrived!

No, no, not the BIG Meow Wolf, the massive installation three times the size of Santa Fe’s House of Eternal Return that is going in downtown, just south of I-25 and a mile or so from Mile High.   That one will be mindblowing, but it’s not scheduled to open until 2020.

Today you get just a taste: the dark ride called Kaleidoscape, opening at Elitch Gardens.

The DENVER POST got an advance look.

Meow Wolf ride at Elitch Gardens: Trippy new Kaleidoscape experience is a hallucinogenic gallery of neon art

Sadly, I won’t be there myself to experience Kaleidoscape on its opening day.   (My minions have me chained to a desk writing).   But I will get up there eventually, have no fear.   And knowing the gang at Meow Wolf, I have no doubt the ride will be like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

So go forth, Denverites (Denverians?  Denvites?) and take a trip to another world.

[[ Comments permitted… but ONLY about Meow Wolf and Kaleidoscape]].

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  • Kyle Albaugh says:

    This is about Meow Wolf but I just wanted to thank you. Your stories have changed my life and I appreciate all the hard work you do.

  • Langkard says:

    It looks amazing. As a kid in Denver in the 60’s, Elitch Gardens amusement park was the place to go. I loved it then and Meow Wolf makes it even better. I’m a bit jealous of today’s kids (and adults!)who get to experience it now. One more thing to add to my bucket list!

  • Life in Buffalo can be nice and all but I do wish I was out west for stuff like this…it looks amazing!

  • Wilma says:

    Seems cool! Hope you’re well, George!

  • Sue Faunt says:

    I loved Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, I can’t wait to visit this one someday.

  • Andrew Steffl says:

    Thanks for your support of Meow Wolf! This is such a huge win for Denver/Colorado! The Santa Fe installation is on my bucket list. Cannot wait to see this and the mothership, when it’s ready!!!

  • Andrew Steffl says:

    p.s. Good on your Minions!

    p.p.s “Denverites”

  • Jessica says:

    Oh snap! We’ve stopped in Santa Fe to visit MW each year on the way to Colorado. It’s a new experience each time and we can not wait to try out Denver. Tyty

  • Brittney Dougherty says:

    Thanks for giving us Denverites a shout! We are super excited for our Meow Wolf ride at Elitch’s and especially for the installation coming next year.

    Thank you also for the world and characters you’ve dreamt and shared with us. I’ve gotten many hours of enjoyment from your work. I hope to see you among the ranks in the SFWA Grand Masters one day.

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