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Giants Win Again

December 18, 2016 at 5:22 pm
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Hot damn, the Giants won again… and over a good team, the Detroit Lions, who are presently leading their division, and had a hot streak going, pulling out eight games this season in the fourth quarter.

But not today.

Eli Manning had a solid game, but the heroes of the day were once again Odell Beckham Junior and the defense. Odell’s catch on the winning touchdown was a thing of beauty, another one-handed grab that no other wideout could possibly have snared. The pass was seriously off target. Victor Cruz had a nice catch as well, and the running game showed signs of life, at least when Perkins was in (having Pugh back on the O line made a huge difference).

The day really belonged to the D, though. Game by game, quarter by quarter, they have been getting better and better, and now, I think, have to rank as one of the NFL’s best. Which delights me no end. I love good defense, and the New York Giants as a franchise have always prided themselves on tough D. It’s part of Big Blue’s heritage. Having the worse D in the league last year was a disgrace. So all hail to Spags, and Snacks, and T’Other Eli, and DRC, and Olivier Vernon. Oh, and our punter, who kept pinning the Lions back inside their ten.

Worrisome, however, was Jackrabbit Jenkins going out with a back injury in the first half. He’s been playing great, so I hope he comes back soon.

As for the Jets, they played last night, and improved their position in next year’s draft. Nuff said.