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I Hate Football

January 3, 2016 at 4:46 pm
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Nothing like starting off a new year with two agonizing fourth quarter losses.

Giants lost to the Eagles. It might have been Tom Coughlin’s last game as coach. I really thought the G-Men would rise up and win one for Tom, but noooooo. If TC does go, I hope the new coach makes it a priority to get a defense. For a franchise that has built its storied rep on D, having the worst defense in the NFL is a disgrace.

And the Jets, well, all they had to do was beat the Bills to get into the playoffs. But of course they lost too, also in devastating fashion, so now they are out. It was a better season that anyone could have expected under our new GM and new coach, but of course when the game REALLY REALLY COUNTED, the Jets came up short, the way they always do.


Yes, I know, the playoffs are coming… but with both my teams out, my interest is minimal. I want the Pats to lose, of course. Elsewise I don’t much care.

Time to start looking forward to the NFL Draft.

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