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A Win for Big Blue

September 25, 2015

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The Giants won their first game of the season last night.

About time, I say. At this point they should actually be 3-0, since they went into the fourth quarter of the Dallas and Atlanta game with double-digit leads, only to blow both contests. Last night, thankfully, they hung on and won convincingly.

But I am not reading that much into this. It was a win, yes, but a home win over Washington, and the G-Men have owned the Redskins in recent years. Eli looked good last night, and Odell Beckham Junior continues to look great. Reuben Randal came up big as well, thank ghod. But I still have questions about the defense. In the fourth quarter, they had not one but two chances to end the game by stopping Washington on fourth-and-long, but gave up first downs both times. And the pass rush is just not there. Will JPP ever return? If he does, will he be the player he was, minus a finger and half his thumb? Who knows? But boy, the G-Men need him.

Victor Cruz will return next week, they say. That will be great, and should lift the offense to the next level. But how Spags gets the D to the next level, I don’t know.

Even at 1-2, the opportunity is there for the Giants, with the Eagles reeling and the Cowboys suffering devastating injuries to Dez and Romo. Whether they will be good enough to take advantage of the chance remains to be seen. There are sterner tests a-coming.

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