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October 11, 2014

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Here are some more interviews, from my summer travels.

First, one more from San Diego Comicon, this one mainly about the Avengers and their profound iuence on my work:

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From the Edinburgh Book Festival:

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Here's one from London, before worldcon.

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More London, after worldcon:

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And here's a big one, my post-con event with Jane Johnson and Robin Hobb at London's Freemason Hall:

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Last, but definitely not least, is a radio interview I did with Mahvesh Murad, a charming young journalist / dj/ talk show host from Pakistan. What made this one fresh and different was that Mahvesh invited me to select ten favorite songs to play during the program. That was a lot of fun, and surprisingly hard: I could easily have come up with fifty songs. Anyway, check this one out, and you will also get to hear some great bands and singers, and some songs that, for one reason or another, have inspired and influenced me.

Happy listening.

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