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May 12, 2013

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Hot damn.

GAME OF THRONES has just won the Radio Times BAFTA Award:

The BAFTAs, for those unfamiliar with them, are the British Emmys. Despite the fact that we shoot in Belfast, Northern Ireland (and Morocco, Iceland, Croatia, and Malta) and that half of our cast is British (most of the rest being Irish, with here and there a Dane, a Norwegian, a German, and even a token American), we are considered to be an American show, I guess because HBO is an American company, and therefore ineligible for the BAFTAs.

However, this one category, the Radio Times award, is for the best international show, and unlike the other BAFTAs, it is chosen by popular vote.

Which I guess just proves that a lot of Brits are watching, even if we are an “American” show.

Congrats to all!!

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