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Two Victories

December 9, 2012

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You win some, you win some.

So… Jets and Giants both won today. That was good.

Admittedly, the Jets victory proved very well. They defeated Jacksonville, one of the NFL’s worst team, presently contending with the Kansas City Chefs for next year #1 draft pick, and they did not defeat them in an entirely convincing manner. Rex went back to Marc Sanchez. Who played… well, adequately. But after last week, anything would have been an improvement. There was a Quinton Coples sighting. Shonn Green ran… well, adequately. Gang Green is 6-7 now, and while it is true that the remainder of their schedule is weak, I am not sanguine. The Jets are weak too. I think this season was lost when Darrelle Revis went down. But we still need to play out the string.

Big Blue’s victory over the Saints was more impressive. Not that my heart did not stop a couple of time. The G-Men got way ahead, then let New Orleans get back into it… then, thankfully, pulled away again. Eli had four TDs but also two INTs. If he had avoided the INTs, the game would have been over much sooner. The real stars tonight were our rookie RB David Wilson on offense, who finally had his coming out party with three great kickoffs returns (one for a TD) and two rushing TDs (one a long, darting scamper from midfield) that showed why the Giants took him #1, and safety Stevie Brown on defense, who intercepted Drew Brees twice. Brown, an unheralded late round draft back who has kicked around with a couple of other teams, has really excelled since coming to the Giants and filling in for the injured Kenny Phillips. He is proving himself a real ballhawk, with 7 INTs on the season.

The Giants really needed the win, since the Redskins and Cowboys, right behind them in the NFL East standings, had both won earlier in the day. All the while I was watching the Jets game, I was watching those scores too. With 29 seconds left in the game, Baltimore was beating Washington by eight points, and Cincinnati was leading Dallas by two points with two minutes left to play. And both of them still pulled it out! Mutter mutter mutter. The Skins beat my G-Men by a point last Monday, and their remaining schedule is soft as whipped butter, while the G-Men need to face Atlanta and Baltimore in the next two weeks… I think the Skins are a real threat (RGIII is the real deal, and it looks as though they got a good one in Kirk Cousins too). And Dallas… well, who the hell knows with the Cowboys? But at least the Giants control their own destiny. All they have to do is win out.

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