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Emmy Day

September 23, 2012 at 11:21 am
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Just had brunch. Now I get to watch a couple hours of football, before it’s time to put on the Monkey Suit and hop in the limo for the Emmy Award Shuffle.

GAME OF THRONES is one of six nominees in Best Dramatic Series, and all Hollywood agrees that we are the longest shot of the six. Vegas puts the odds against us at 50-1 (still time to get down your bets). Others put it more succinctly: it will be snowing in hell before the Academy gives the “big one” to a fantasy or SF show.

But we shall see. It’s am honor to be nominated, and the HBO party will be the best in town, regardless of who wins the award.

Cross your fingers, uncross your legs, and light an offering to your favorite deity.

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