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Stealing Jake

June 14, 2012 at 7:20 pm
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Giants tight end Jake Ballard played well all season, until he tore his ACL in the Super Bowl. It was a serious injury, requiring surgery. Recovery is lengthy, and Ballard will not be able to play at all in 2012. He is going to miss the entire season. So the Giants put him on waivers. I mean, who is going to claim a player who can’t play? Once he cleared waivers, Jake could be put on the Reserved/ PUP list (Physically Unable to Perform). He’d still be Giant, and come 2013, presumably he would be healthy again and able to return to the team.

That’s what the Giants wanted. That’s what Jake wanted.

But he didn’t clear waivers. He was claimed by another team. To the astonishment of all.

Who would do such a thing, you ask?

Who else? The New England Patriots.

Stuff like this is why we call him Evil Little Bill.

The Giants are pissed. Ballard is reportedly pretty unhappy as well. Evil Little Bill says what he did was legal (it was, completely), that there are no “unwritten rules” (there are, that’s wrong, but hell, Bill breaks WRITTEN rules, as in Spygate, so of course he doesn’t believe in unwritten ones, or things like, oh, sportsmanship).

The Patriots don’t even need a tight end. They already have the best tight end tandem in the NFL in Gronkowski and Hernandez, both of whom are actually better than Jake Ballard. This move screws the Giants, but it also screws Ballard, who would have been a starter on the Giants when he came back in 2013. On the Pats, he’ll warm the bench and play in some three tight end sets.

Have you no shame, Evil Little Bill?

Boo. Hiss. Boo.

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