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August 10, 2011

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… I wanted to give a shout out to a convention that I won’t (alas) be attending — TITANCON, the one-day GAME OF THRONES convention being held in Belfast on September 24.

This one is fan-organized, fan-run, and not for profit. It’s being held in the city where the HBO series is filming, and (depending on shooting schedules) several of the cast members are likely to show up to sign your autographs and let you buy them drinks.

((Actors, like writers, like it when you buy them adult refreshments)).

Here’s the dope:

Like I said, I can’t be there myself. Wish I could, but the dates don’t work with my schedule, alas. But if this Titancon succeeds, maybe there will be more in future.

And Joe will be there:

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So for those of you over in the UK and Europe who can’t find your way across the pond for Renovation, consider attending Titancon instead. A weekend in Belfast and the company of your fellow Ice & Fire fans and Hodor too. What could be better?

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