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February 16, 2011

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Just a reminder… for me and Ty as much as for you folks…

With the HBO series scheduled to debut on April 17, a lot of new people may be finding their way here. People who have seen the show, but have never read the books.

With that in mind, I think we have to put a lid on all spoilers in the comments (and for that matter, in my own posts). Yes, I know that GAME OF THRONES was published fifteen years ago… but for those who have not read it, it will be brand new, and I want some of the twists and turns and deaths in the book to come as a surprise to new readers in 2011, just as they did for my original readership in 1996.

I have not been consistent about this in the past, I know, even the very recent past… but from this point on, Ty and I are going to try and be more vigilant. All comments that include even glancing references to deaths, maimings, and major plot twists will henceforth be removed without posting. I respectfully request your understanding and cooperation.


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