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November 10, 2010

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… for a day.

Tomorrow it’s off to Minnesota for the Days of Ice and Fire.

I am combining three days into one today. The day when I return from a long trip, relax, pet the cats, watch football, and savor being home again… the day after that, when I contemplate the piles of mail, bills, boxes, and the hundreds of emails and start feeling overwhelmed… and the day before I leave on a trip, when I run around in a mad panic trying to get ready, certain that I am about to forget something important.

After Minnesota, though, I’ll be home for the holidays… and, I hope, able to get a lot of solid work done. That’s the plan, in any case.

Minnesotans… do NOT talk to me about NFL football at Days of Ice and Fire. All my games are on TIVO, but I haven’t had the chance to watch any yet.

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