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November 20, 2010 at 6:07 pm
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Almost caught up on my football. Last night we watched the Giants / Seahawks game.

Holy crap. What a beating. Not exactly the most suspenseful contest we’ve seen this season, but there is a certain rough pleasure in watching your guys just whale the tar out of another team. And it certainly beats being on the losing end of such of a pounding, as the G-Men were several times last year down the stretch.

Honestly, it looked to me as if the Seahawks just stopped playing about halfway through the second quarter. If so, that’s worrisome for you Seattle fans. I remember when Pete Carroll coached the Jets. Only one season. The team just quit on him after the infamous Marino fake spike game. Maybe Carroll really is better suited to the college game.

I have to believe that Seattle is not nearly as bad as they looked. I’d like to believe that the Giants are as good as they looked… but I don’t, not really.

It was a terrific game for Eli and his receivers, though. That long TD pass to Nicks was a thing of beauty, as was the thread-the-needle pass to the double-coevered Kevin Boss. And the RBs kicked some ass too — Ahmad Bradshaw, Brandon Jacobs, even Danny Ware. Though by the time that Ware came in, the ‘Hawks were playing two-handed touch. The Giants D also looked great, though given how quickly the score got lop-sided, we probably should have had more sacks. Poor Whitehurst was passing on almost every play.

Kudos to Tom Coughlin too. To my mind, he coached the blowout exactly right. He took out Eli and the starting RBs right at the beginning of the fourth quarter, and instead of trying to run up the score he just ran the ball straight into the line with Ware for play after play after play to chew up the clock and end the massacre. Even at the end, with the Giants inside the Seahawk ten, he had Rosenfels kneel down four times rather than push in another TD. That, to my mind, is sportsmanship… and stands in sharp contrast to the crap that Evil Little Bill was pulling when he had his 18-1 team and set all those scoring records. Let the other guy leave with a little dignity.

Still have Giants/ Cowboys II and Jets/ Browns to watch. Then we’ll be caught up. But of course there are two new games tomorrow.

Meanwhile, in Westeros, I am wrestling with krakens.

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Your Highness

November 20, 2010 at 11:42 am
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FWIW, the feature that preceded us in Belfast’s Paint Hall — the medieval comedy YOUR HIGHNESS — now has trailers out on YouTube.

Here’s the longer, raunchier one, for them what like such stuff.
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If you look closely at some of the backgrounds, you’ll catch some glimpses of a throne room… the very one that eventually became the throne room of the Red Keep in our own show, albeit after a major redress. It’s a massive set, entirely filling one of the Paint Hall’s four pods.

Not sure how many of you are interested in such crunchy behind the scenes stuff, but there ’tis for those who are.

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