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November 2, 2010

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I’ve left the winds and rain and mud of Belfast behind, and I’m now on sunny Malta in the middle of the Med. Sorta. Actually, yesterday I was on the streets of King’s Landing watching Yoren school Arya in being a boy, and today I was way out east on the edge of the Dothraki sea, as Dany tended her stricken sun and stars.

I’m seeing some great stuff. Really truly. We have an AMAZING cast, and it’s a privilege to see them in action.

Okay, okay, not everything is idyllic. There were torrential rains on Malta last week that washed away a whole Dothraki camp (missed that), and back in Belfast two of our actors have taken a dislike to each other and got in a fight that left one of them bloodied… but other than that…

More when I get home… if I can find the energy…

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