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Sunday at Octocon

October 17, 2010 at 1:35 pm
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Having a great, if exhausting, time at Octocon in Dublin. The Irish fen are wonderfully hospitable, and the BWBers are great company, as always.

I am still feeling borderline sick and my time sense is knackered, however. I hit the wall at seemingly random moments and have to stagger off to nap, absolutely canNOT keep my eyes open… but then I sleep for an hour or two, get a second wind, and wake up ready to roar late into the night. Last night I had to collapse after supper, but O staggered down again in time to pick the raffle winners, then partied till three in the morning, swilling down coke after coke and arguing about sex in the books. Somehow I found myself between half a dozen women who want some explicit male/male scenes in the books and a couple of dissenters who don’t… from there we wandered into Myrish swamps and were never seen again…

It was a strange night. Today I’m paying for it.

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