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One More Game

October 10, 2010 at 4:03 pm
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Life is magical… but kind of crazed at the moment.

I am off to Ireland at the crack of dawn tomorrow, but I took the morning off from packing and the usual last-minute madness to watch the Giants game, a thoroughly dominating win over the Houston Texans on their home turf. Don’t have the time or energy to post about this one in detail… but the game was not nearly as close as I expected. The Giants D looked awesome. Not as many sacks as against the Bears, but they kept the pressure on Texan QB Matt Schaub all game, and completely shut down the NFL’s leading rusher (he won’t be leading after this week, I think). The offense looked pretty good too, except for two awful (and completely unnecessary) picks by ELi in the third quarter. Great game from Hakeem Nicks. For some reason the Texans never seemed to cover him.

That’s it for football for me until mid-November. TIVO will record all the games between then and now for me to watch when I get back.

And now I’m off to ravage Eire and besiege Malta. Later.

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