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Mea Culpa

August 16, 2009 at 1:07 pm
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Ooops. Just realized, I screwed up one of my clues. That was Juliet’s line, not Romeo’s.

Time to reread my Shakespeare, I guess.

Sorry about that.

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How To Play the Game of Thrones

August 15, 2009 at 4:52 pm
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The good folks at Fantasy Flight Games have come up with a terrific video tutorial on how to play their GAME OF THRONES card game.

Check it out at:

If only Ned Stark had taken a few lessons…

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Michael the Eagle

August 15, 2009 at 12:43 am
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And yes, Virginia, there are other things going on in the world besides the HBO pilot.

Like the NFL.

So the Eagles have signed Michael Vick. OK. I’m glad it was not the Giants or the Jets, truthfully… though I do believe in second chances, and Vick has served his time. Even so, I wouldn’t want him on my team. If his skills have not eroded too badly in prison, he will be a dangerous weapon for the Eagles, and my Giants have to face them twice… and sometimes three times… a year. So this clearly makes the Birds the favorites in the NFC East.

Fine with me. The G-Men always do better as underdogs.

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The Waiting Game

August 14, 2009 at 8:36 pm
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/>Music: Alright, Still
I know, I know. Still no announcement from HBO, alas, and I can’t say when and if it will be coming. I know that many of you are going mad with impatience. Me too, actually. Sure, I know who has been cast, but I’m dying to see the reactions.

But we’re all going to have to wait. HBO calls the tune. And while we have six roles filled but yet announced, others of equal importance still remain unfilled. HBO may very well be waiting until some of those pieces fall into place before making the next announcement.

Meanwhile, some of you are warm and some are very cold. One of my clues seems to have been puzzled out by many of you, so I will fess up and admit that you’re correct — yes, the line about “small but important” roles refers to two of the children. You will, alas, never get those two. Even if I told you their names, you’d never find ’em. They’re not on IMDB, and when you google ’em you get dozens of listings for other people who share their names, but none for the child actors. So they’re essentially unknowns… but I have seen their readings, and I think that both of them will be great.

That still leaves four adults you can try to figure out, though. And among the hundreds of theories and guesses, I’ve seen a couple of you getting it right… or coming close, riding the right theory to the wrong conclusion. So keep at it.

In the absence of an announcement, I’ll give you a few more clues. One cast member was played by a puppet. Another has been seen wandering a castle exclaiming about roses. A third is too good to be true. The fourth is the fifth. Esquire thinks one of them is hot.

‘Nuff said.

And while you guys are chewing on those, off in London and New York and LA and Dublin, casting continues. They’re reading for some smaller parts now: Gared, Ser Rodrik, Maester Luwin, and the like. Even for these “lesser” roles (you know the old chestnut, there are no small roles, only small actors), we’re seeing some great readings. David, Dan, and Tom are going to have some tough decisions to make. Me, I’m going out for coffee and a danish.

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Your Hit Parade

August 13, 2009 at 11:40 pm
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Here’s a catchy tune that will leave you humming.

(And no, I’m not. Though Parris and my editor both claim I’m their bitch).

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One More

August 12, 2009 at 10:06 pm
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One more part has been cast.

Can’t tell you about that one either.

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Dutch Treats and Casting Calls

August 12, 2009 at 4:45 pm
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Music: Too Good to be True
Yes, three more roles have been cast for the GAME OF THRONES pilot, as David Benioff and Dan Weiss announced over on Westeros.

No, I can’t tell you who they are. HBO will make the announcements in due time, I’m sure. When? I don’t know. Tomorrow, next week, next month. They don’t consult with me. As I write this, I am aware of five parts that have been cast but not yet announced, but there could well be more. Things are moving quickly now. And of course, casting a role is not just a matter of picking an actor. Even after you decide who you want, there are offers and counter-offers, contract negotiations, a whole delicate dance that goes on. It is never wise to leak things prematurely. Sometimes that can actually throw a monkey wrench into the process.

I’m excited about the choices, though.

What can I say? Not much.

Maybe a few hints…

The five roles… well, we have cast Jaime Lannister and Theon Greyjoy, I let that slip in Montreal… the three new ones are all females. A couple small roles, but very important ones. One player has something in common with Ned. One has something in common with Harry Potter. One is not a boney pop singer. Shows can get cancelled and so can characters, but two of them have been seen on American tv recently.

And that’s all you’re getting from me, until HBO blows the trumpet.

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Home Again

August 12, 2009 at 2:39 pm
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Back home again from Montreal. A lot of catching up to do, a lot of stuff to not-blog about. I’ll get to all that later, once I’ve found my desk again beneath this mountain of mail.

It was a C- worldcon, IMNSHO, but I still had a good time, as I usually do at worldcon.

Next year in Melbourne!

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At Worldcon

August 9, 2009 at 12:10 am
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Montreal is a lovely city with many fine restaurants.

The con… well, there have been problems. Major meltdown at the party hotel last night resulted in the hotel management at the Delta descending on the SFWA suite and throwing most of the world’s leading SF and fantasy authors out of their hotel for… wait for it now… talking too loudly. A few of us refused to leave and continued the party in whispers. Here’s to Connie Willis, James Patrick Kelly, John Kessel, and the rest of the small company of Those Who Would Not Be Expelled.

Lots of bad juju at the Delta, which does not seem to have realized that being the party hotel entailed crowded rooms and noise. Hours-long wait for the elevator to the party floor, the 28th. Yes, elevator, singular. They have a whole bank of elevators, but fans were only allowed to use one, the rest being reserved for “real guests.” (The words are the Delta’s).

The BWB party is in the Delta tonight, 28th floor. Here’s hoping we don’t see the same problems.

If Dany has been cast, it is news to me.

Lovely wake for Charlie Brown in the Intercontinental. It doesn’t seem like worldcon without him. If there is an afterlife, I bet he’s found the best party by now.

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August 3, 2009 at 10:29 pm
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Well, the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER has spoiled part of my fun. How can I properly torment my readers if they’re going to go around printing the news?

Yes, it’s true. Jennifer Ehle has been cast as Catelyn Stark.

Most of you will know her best from her portrayal of Elizabeth Bennet in the BBC’s miniseries of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE in 1995, but she’s got all sorts of other credits, she’s won a BAFTA Award and two Tonys, and she will be a wonderful Catelyn.

Fortunately, even HOLLYWOOD REPORTER doesn’t know all the cool stuff I know, so I will still be able to smile engimatically and drop sly hints in Montreal.

(I’ll be good, I will, I will).

I’m off tomorrow. See you there.

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