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A Bold New Look for the A Song of Ice and Fire Boxed Set

July 10, 2024

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Behold, the stunning new covers for the first five books! These covers will be available in a boxed set, available online and in stores this October.


The new design tries to capture the vastness of Westeros and the dangerous journey readers will encounter. There is a raw and gritty quality to linocut and woodcut art. A certain starkness that seemed to fit the stories, and a long history to the art form that felt right for this world.

This cover design process paired linocut artist Mark Seekins and designer Tim Green, with art direction from David G. Stevenson. They worked together to develop sketches and carve the designs into blocks of linoleum, where the raised areas were inked and pressed onto paper. The covers feature several colors, which required separate blocks for each color layer. The finished prints were then photographed and incorporated into the covers.

The linocut designs from the front covers are carried over on the spines so you can show off all five designs on your shelf at the same time.

The black and gold case delivers a stark, elegant design that collects this incredible series into a unified set. The design team wanted to place an emphasis on the series name and created a sigil using the initials ASOIAF. This symbol is used on each cover and featured strongly on the box, connecting each of the illustrations to the larger set.

Look for the new boxed sets online and in stores this October!

Jacket design: Faceout Studio, Tim Green

Cover linocut: Mark Seekins

Art direction: David G. Stevenson

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