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July 9, 2021

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I moved from Iowa to New Mexico in late 1979.   A few months later, Roger Zelazny took me down to Albuquerque to First Friday, the monthly writer’s luncheon at the Albuquerque Press Club, where I met the bestselling mystery writer Tony Hillerman, one of the founders of the group.  Tony was a delight, a great lunch companion and a born storyteller… and, as I soon learned, a marvelous writer.   Once I tried one of his Joe Leaphorn novels, I was hooked.   I read as many as I could get my hands on, and then found myself eagerly awaiting the next, like millions of other readers around the globe.

Now, I am thrilled to report, Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee are returning to television.

We just got word from AMC that they are greenlighting DARK WINDS, based on Tony’s novels about the two Navajo tribal policemen.   The first season will be six episodes long, adapted (largely) from LISTENING WOMAN, one of my favorite books in the series.   If we get the viewers. more seasons will follow, and more books will be adapted.

There’s lots more, but why should I rehash it all when the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER has all the details:

DARK WINDS will be filmed in and around Santa Fe and Gallup, and on the Navajo reservation, and based out of the Native-owned Camel Rock Studios (the former Camel Rock Casino), right here in the Land of Enchantment.   Filming will begin in August, and continue — we hope — for many years.

Bob Redford and Chris Eyre have put together a great team (with a little help from yours truly), and we hope to make a great show, one that truly captures the magic of this very special place.   Look for DARK WINDS on AMC in 2022.

((Comments allowed, but ONLY about Joe Leaphorn, Jim Chee, DARK WINDS, and the works of Tony Hillerman.   Off topic comments will be deleted by my marvelous minions)).

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  • Camilo says:

    Tony Hillerman is actually how I ‘found’ George, a cool uncle lend me Finding Moon and I became enamored, trying to find something similar to it I was recommended The Armageddon Rag, and I fell for it instantly.

    • Susan M Kelley says:

      Can’t wait. If pressed to pick a favorite, it would be Sacred Clowns. Incidently, the Advance Reading Copy is slightly different, I have both.

  • John Dewbre says:

    I love the Joe Leaphorn series, expect a great series

  • Vento de inverno says:

    Not the kind of WINDS I was hoping for…

    The plot sounds like a good crime mystery, Zahn McClarnon is one of the lead actors – he is a great actor, so I’m looking forward to that!

  • Evan says:

    I loved Zahn McClarnon in Fargo, so I’ll definitely be watching this one, and of course also for the assuredly stunning New Mexico vistas we’ll most likely see.

  • Richard Ford says:

    Don’t you think you’re taking on a little too much to chew? Dark Winds is a great book and all, but you seem to be very busy and you’ve got a lot of stuff going on.

    • grrm says:

      I think that every day. But I took on DARK WINDS five / six years ago, when there was a lot less on the plate.

  • Ali says:

    Very Excited

  • Luca Fávaro Segré says:

    I am very happy to know that another beautiful story will be adapted for television… I wish you every success!
    Hugs from Brazil to Dr. Martin and his minions!

  • edwin pacheco says:

    I definitely need to read more thriller books. AMC seems like a good place for a western, and it’s cool to see Robert Redford is helping produce it.

  • Aidan T says:

    amazing news! excited to see it!

  • ANN says:

    Eagerly looking forward to more Leaphorn and Chee. Having read all the novels I’m also hooked on Tony’s daughter’s Anne Hillerman’s continuation of the book series. She’s a chip off the old block! Thanks for getting involved, GRRM. Your touch guarantees a better chance of success!

  • Simon says:

    Oh wow I’m so happy

  • sean says:

    Awesome! As a New Mexican of a certain age, I grew up devouring Tony Hillerman mysteries, eagerly waiting for the next and even paying for hardcovers. If only I had known that you were in the state then, or at least discovered your writing in the late 80s rather than the mid-2000s…

  • Zelazny Fan says:

    “These are not the winds you are looking for”

    Sorry, could not resist

    Sounds very exciting. Good luck.

  • Haven’t read the books, will get right on it. Looking forward to the show! The standard of dramatic adaptations of genre source material (fantasy, comics etc.) has been excellent in the 21st century. I can’t complain.

  • Francesca says:

    Excited too, I always loved his books. As a non-native and non-American born, I felt that Hillerman portrayed the natives with empathy. Do the Native Americans of the area feel kindly toward the author?

  • Julieta says:

    How exciting, can’t wait to watch it!

  • René says:

    Thank you for the book recommendations, Mr. Martin.
    I’ll put it on my (quite infinite) readlist.

  • Sirish hazari says:

    Congrats George RR Martin !!

    Looking forward to Dark Winds Season 1

    Tony Hillerman, Navajo Tribal Police mystery novels seems a series where do we start in order to catch up with Dark Winds

  • Your big Fan says:

    I just want to say THANK YOU for everything George This is the first time I am able to comment on your NotABlog.

  • Joe S says:

    Go AMC!! Dark Winds woot.

  • Leslie says:

    I’ve never heard of this before but I’m sure if you’re involved it’s going to be amazing ❤️

  • Jason Badran says:

    Do you recommend that we read his books before we watch the show? I’ve never heard of the author, but if George says he’s good than he must be!!

  • Joe says:

    Hello, George.

    What exactly will your role be in this DARK WINDS series? A showrruner, screenwriter, production director?

    I love the way you tell stories and would love to see some of that on this new TV series. However, I don’t want to sound offensive, but will this new project disrupt your writing pace?

    Stay safe and may the Seven be with you.

    • grrm says:

      I am an executive producer. One of half a dozen or so.

      Along with my friends Robert Redford and Chris Eyre, I helped pitch the show and get it set up, and had a voice in hiring the people who are going to do the (cough, cough) actual work. But I will not be involved day to day, no. Chris will be directing, Graham Roland wrote the pilot, Vince Calandra will be showrunner, a team of young Native American writers will be writing the scripts, Wayne Morris will be casting director, Zahn will be involved in every aspect of production…

      • Ana says:

        Robert Redford? Like The Robert Redford the actor? You’re friends with him?!

      • Andy says:

        When did you and Robert Redford first get to know each other? He would’ve made a great Dirk t’Larien back in the day.

        Also very cool to see the collaboration with the Navajo Nation, especially after all they’ve been through due to Covid.

  • Andrew DiMartino says:

    Congrats, have loved the Hillerman novels I have read. I will look forward to that! Keep up the good works and don’t forget to finish WOW. Looking forward to that as well!!! Have a great rest of the summer!!

  • carlos says:

    Sounds great! Super excited to watch it eventually and maybe check out the books in the meantime.

  • Spencer Hunter says:

    Very excited to check out a collaboration between you and the iconic Robert Redford, even if it’s merely in an executive producer role.

  • Margot says:

    I love this series. Literally found it while visiting my grandparents and read all the books. People of the Darkness is far and away my favorite, but I’m excited to see any of the books adapted.

  • Emma says:

    Exciting news! Time to pre-emptively place them on hold at my library before they become insanely popular…

  • Drew Ruscil says:

    Cool. I don’t know these books but will give them a try and keep an eye out for the show.

  • Patrick J Lee says:

    Great news, especially for those of us in Santa Fe. Thanks again, George, for all you do for New Mexico, Santa Fe and all the creatives in this magical place.

  • Manik Jaswal says:

    Glad you are happy and excited about the work of Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee,wish you a good health!

  • Wonderful news! Leaphorn and Chee were a perfect combination: the old and the young, the acerbic and the sensitive, one still learning his profession, the other mellowing into retirement. I’ll miss Studi and Beach in the roles, but look forward to seeing what the new guys do.

  • Julio says:

    Hi George! Do you happen to know about international distribution of Dark Winds? I am already eager for it. Thank you and cheers from Brazil!

  • Ronald Miller says:

    Wonderful books, great actors, enchanting landscape-I’m excited!
    From the high desert in Reno…

  • Philip Skeen says:

    What about a Zelazny question?

    Do you think we will ever be a “Rings of Amber” tv or movie adaptation?

    Thx – Philip

    • grrm says:

      NINE PRINCES IN AMBER, you mean? Someone is trying to adapt that, I believe, but I am not involved.

      However, I am an executive producer on HBO’s development of Zelazny’s ROADMARKS. Kalinda Vazquez is writing the pilot and will be the showrunner, if the series goes.

  • Will says:

    Congrats on the good news, hope life is good! LGM!

  • Nancy says:

    Very! Love reading ur posts!

  • James Raven Calinaya says:

    Wow, so happy for you that you’re helping make that story come to life, sir George! Loved Zahn in Fargo! And Western Noir with Native protagonists is already a big selling-point for me.

    May AMC be a great home for it!

  • Nick says:

    so exited!

  • Judi Giberson-Smith says:

    I’ve loved the Tony Hillerman books from the first one I read. Very excited that there will be a television program that will showcase his Joe Leaphorn/Jim Chee books. I only hope that the production is true to the written word.

  • Brian Vincent McGlynn says:

    Good luck to all!

  • Wow! Sounds like an amazing show! I’ll have to pick up the books and alert my dad as well! I haven’t yet read Tony Hillerman, but he has; & I bet we’ll both enjoy the show!

  • MASOUD says:

    Glad to hear this. Looking forward to it.

  • Mike Gallagher says:

    Great news. He was a wonderful teacher and tough at the poker table. Love all his books and his daughter is carrying the novels forward.
    Mike Gallagher

  • Andrew says:

    Happy to see you writing on your blog again Mr. Martin.

    Congratulations on the success of your group of fellow writers on Dark Winds!

    Alltough I humbly admit when I read the tag I thought of something else, nonetheless your excitement and well being are shared on my side so again best wishes from across the Atlantic 🙂

  • Chris says:

    That is exciting. I am happy for you all. 🙂
    It must be a great feeling to have something you’ve worked hard on be greenlit!

  • Bill Anders says:

    Thank you so much for helping bring this about! Very excited! Love the way you help showcase so many authors.

  • Mike says:

    very good news ,film has not been kind to Tony

  • Sara says:

    This is brilliant!!

  • Yuval Hazor says:

    I don’t think Leaphorn and Chee work togather in Listening Woman. I am not sure Chee was even in it. Wonder how they gonna work with that.

    • grrm says:

      That’s why screenwriters get paid to adapt. There are Leaphorn novels and Chee novels, and then Leaphorn/ Chee novels, but everyone involved wanted the show to include both characters.

  • Santiago says:

    “Wind”? Really? Martin, you diabolic… that’s why we love you.
    I’m not familiar with Hillerman’s works, so let’s read them, nuff said.

  • Viraj says:

    Best of luck for all your projects
    You are a great writer
    I know you bcoz of GOT
    Eagerly waiting for next book
    All the best

  • Quincy says:

    Way to give back to Santa Fe and old friends! Real groovy. I’ll keep an eye on AMC.

  • Kathy says:

    As a Tony Hillerman fan I have to ask are you reading his daughters works?

  • Gina says:

    That’s sounds good. I want to watch this.

  • Bobby Smith says:

    This sounds amazing and I can’t wait to see it!

  • Firannion says:

    I’m not even a mystery fan and even I loved the Chee/Leaphorn novels. Learned so much about Diné culture from reading them. This is happy news. (Side note: That beard is soon going to qualify George for Grandmaester status.)

  • Ann M. Adam says:

    What wonderful news to hear! Lived (in my head) right along with Leaphorn and Chee so it makes me very happy it will be filmed on location in Navajo Country! My husband & I took visitors from Germany to that wide, amazing area, on two different times, back in the 1970s. It was a must trip for them & we always loved it. I am also waiting for the release of “Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone”, trying to be patient and determined to be alive! Will now add this to my viewing goals!!!

  • Nicolas says:

    So happy for you, George. It seems like it’s been a tough year personally, from intermittent checking of this “Not a Blog,” so I’m very excited to see things that have you excited. I’ll check out this series; very cool.

  • doomkoala says:

    Can’t wait! I am pretty happy that you are working on so many projects. It gives me lots of different sources of entertainment to look forward to! Just make sure you are taking time for yourself and the family.

  • Ivy says:

    It’s nice to see you posting again after almost a month away!
    Hope you’re okay George 😀
    Never heard about Dark Winds but maybe I’ll take a look at it

  • Ann M. Adam says:

    I can thoroughly understand that those involved creating the filmed series would want both Leaphorn and Chee involved in the episodes. When reading the books I always felt the presents of both even IF it was only one or the other. I just “know” each considered what the other’s alternative ideas would be.

  • David says:

    Keeping it local like a boss. I wish you’d moved to my state. Great news!

  • Bernhard says:

    Thanks so much for opening up the comments section again. I really missed your interactions with us fans. Could you please tell us more about your daily life in the cabin or post some pictures? It sounds like a really cool way to write a book. (By the way, why not invite other writers to cabins in Santa Fe to finish their books?)

  • Markus says:

    Hey George, just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you for your amazing books. They’ve helped me a lot coping with my depression. I know you hear things like that all day, but still. I hope you are doing well!
    Greetings from Germany!

  • Philippe says:

    Stories relating to Native Americans are too lacking in American culture, so this is very welcomed news!

  • jeremy says:

    I learned to read novels in English with Tony Hillerman… So now I can read you in the original. There so lot of stuff in Hillerman´s Books, even if the last ones were less rich from the Diné, Zuni or Hopi culture point of view. I loved Sacred Clowns…

  • Colstpn says:

    I watched the 1991 movie today. Lou Diamond Phillips as Chee. Robert Redford produced. He must be a big fan. Film was
    atmospheric & slow paced. Looking forward to seeing how the series compares.

  • Nimrod says:


    Wow, I’ve never heard of him (Growing up in Israel, i’m sure there are many other writers I’ve never heard of), I’ll go check out his books. The luncheon club sounds like a great experience and I hope you’ll share more writerly adventures with past masters!

  • Francesco Turco says:

    Hi George,
    I hope you like the Dark Winds adaptation. And I hope you’re okay anyway (yes, you said we should talk about Dark winds) but knowing how you are is even more important to me because I’m an aspiring writer and you motivated me. From an Italian fan, have a nice day. Valar Morghulis
    Giorgio F. Turco

  • Magneto says:

    Sounds very interesting, looking forward to reading the books and then checking out the show when it airs! Good luck and congrats on helping to bring your friend’s world to us all!! Also, is there any chance that picture of Tony Hillerman was taken on The Isle of Skye in Scotland? The landscape looks pleasantly familiar

  • Eddy Eriksson says:

    The more stories we get the better! I am looking forward to it with great anticipation!

    (I know you get a crap from People and I know this is of topic but thank you for all the stories you have writen, they realy do make a positive impact on other peoples lives (your thousand worlds stories made me want to start to write again) and I hope you still write “for yourself” as that playfull mind of yours realy is a concept creating marvel. Looking forward to all the things you will pen down for us in the coming years. What is dead may never die but rises again harder and stronger!)

  • Bea says:

    This is exciting news! Cannot wait!

  • the Stranger says:

    “The reason for my visit was… ah, well, no, can’t tell you that, not yet…”

    George why did you write this in your latest post… George, please…. George don’t do this to me please, you knew what people would assume…

  • Murphy83 says:

    really looking forward to this… will subscribe to AMC just to watch. Navajo LEO meets mystic… new subject matter with old souls… all the times yes

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