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Meow Wolf Targets Phoenix

March 13, 2019 at 6:32 pm
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Meow Wolf’s conquest of the world continues with their latest announcement: a brand new permanent exhibition, paired with a music venue and a hotel (the first Meow Wolf hotel) in the Roosevelt Row district of Phoenix, Arizona.

Read all about it on Meow Wolf’s own website:

Meanwhile, the original Meow Wolf in Santa Fe continues, stronger than ever, with several new rooms added last month.   A Meow Wolf dark ride will be opening in Denver next month, and later this year the second Meow Wolf will open its doors in Area 15 of Las Vegas, Nevada.  Meow Wolf Denver is scheduled for 2020, and Washington D.C. for 2021… and every one of these will be new, original, not simply a duplication of the House of Eternal Return.

Kittens and wolves, on a roll!



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