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Sunday Bloody Sunday

November 1, 2015 at 6:21 pm
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Some talking heads are saying this morning’s game between the Giants and the Saints was a great contest. I suppose it was. If you love offense, and hate defense.

I love defense, and I hate losing, so I went away very unhappy. I mean, 52 to 49, really? REALLY? Nobody stopped anybody, ever. 52 – 49 is a basketball score.

Okay, Eli was great, Odell was great, the Giants offense kept coming back and coming back. But the Giants defense must have missed the plane to Nawlins. Aside from the one pick six, they were absent all game. And the end of the game was ludicrous. After all that scoring, the game turned on a facemask penalty on our punter.

And just when I thought life could not get any worse, I watched the Jets game.

That one was lost the moment Fitz went down and Geno Smith came in. Geno showed flashes, sure, Geno always shows flashes. But when the clock is ticking down and the game is on the line, he will always came up short. As he did this afternoon. I sure as hell hope that Fitzpatrick can come back next week. If not, then I pray Todd Bowles sits Geno Smith and gives a shot to the kid they drafted, Bryce Petty. Because if Geno is our starter again, the season is over.

Also, we need Nick Mangold back… though his young replacement did well. And Cromartie and Marshall suffered injuries as well. Those could be season-killing too, if they are serious.

All in all, a horrid day. Life is miserable and full of pain.

Only one consolation: the Cowboys lost too. And just as painfully as the Giants.