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March 15, 2012 at 10:48 am
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Got back from my latest trip to Toronto yesterday afternoon.

(The avatar pic here is from my FIRST visit to Toronto, in 1973, for Torcon 2. My second worldcon, and first trip ever outside the United States. Yes, I was that young once. Yes, there was a time before the beard.)

A fun four days, albeit frantic. The signing at Indigo Books drew a huge crowd, with a line that snaked out the store and way, way, down the block. They told me afterwards that it was the biggest signing the store has ever hosted, breaking the record previously established by Bill Clinton. Hey, cool! That 1996 encounter with Clifford the Big Red Dog still rankles, but I outdrew the Big Dog Bill, so…

It really was great to meet so many of my Canadian readers, and I am sorry that our meetings were of necessity so very short. That would not be my choice, by any means, but when the line is so long you need to keep it moving. As it is, some people got there that morning before the shop opened, and were waiting all day… my hat’s off to them, and also to those brave fen who drove all the way in from Montreal just to get my illegible scrawl.

I hope everyone also managed to drop in on the GAME OF THRONES exhibit at TIFF Lightbox, and get your photo taken on the Iron Throne. The exhibition was a hoot and a half, with one piece that… well, let us say, it startled even me.

Besides the signing, and a couple of presentations at TIFF (one open to the general public, one for film and television students from the TIFF ‘master class’ program), HBO Canada and Random House Canada also set me up for lots and lots of interviews, so I’ve been popping up all over Canadian television and radio these past few days.

Here’s one, for those who missed it: my guest shot on Canada’s late night talk show TONIGHT, with George Stroumboulopolous.

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I will embed and/or link to some of the other interviews when and if they go up on the net. Meanwhile, it’s back to work for me. As usual when I travel, I have lots of catching up to do.

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