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December 16, 2007

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Pathetic loss by the Giants. They played without heart or guts, lost to an inferior Redskins team, and may be well on their way to another end-of-season collapse. Eli looked mediocre at best, but got no help from his receivers, who were dropping balls all over the field. Special mention goes to the normally sure-handed Amani Toomer, who dropped what would have been a long gainer while wide open, to Brandon Jacobs, who ran well but proved that he can’t catch anything out of the backfield, even when the ball hits him in his hands, and to Sinorice Moss, who twice caught crucial passes at a distance that would have been good for a first down and then ran backwards so they weren’t first downs after all.


If the Giants lose to Buffalo next week, they won’t even make the playoffs. I will not be at all surprised if that happens.

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