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Wild Cards Reviewed

November 16, 2007

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INSIDE STRAIGHT is coming out in January, and there’s lots of cool stuff happening on the Wild Cards front… most of which I can’t get talk about yet (watch this space for future updates, however).

I can say that we’ve gotten our first review on INSIDE STRAIGHT, from the Fantasy Book Spot, which can be found at

It’s just what you want in a first review: on a scale of 1 to 10, he gives us an 11.

We also got a great quote from… well, no, best wait on that one.

There’s a great Wild Cards forum at where fans of the series — and those who aren’t fans yet, but might be if they’d check it out — can talk about the books, characters, etc. A number of my Wild Cards writers drop in there from time to time as well, so it’s a good place for readers and authors to interact.

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