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Monday Night Football

October 16, 2007

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Historically the Giants have usually sucked on Monday nights, so tonight’s victory over Atlanta came as a relief. The Falcons are a wounded, troubled team, mind you, but even so, the G-Men scored a convincing win. For the first time all season, their offense and defense both showed up at the same game.

And congratulations to Amani Toomer, who broke one Giants all-time record tonight (Tiki Barber’s record for receptions) and tied another one (Kyle Rote’s touchdown mark). A class guy, and he’s been a clutch receiver for a long time.

So the G-Men are 4-2… again. (They were 4-2 the last three seasons as well. They like to get our hopes up before they collapse and break our hearts in the second half of the season, but maybe this year will be different).

On other fronts, Parris is on the mend, even hobbling about the house without Father’s crutch from time to time. We head down to Albuquerque tomorrow so she can get her stitches removed.

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