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2022 Worldcon in Chicago, Chicon 8

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  • The Jokers Are Coming, the Jokers Are GoingThe Jokers Are Coming, the Jokers Are Going
    Hey, Wild Cards fans… the moon is rising in July. The JOKER MOON, that is.   The latest Wild Cards mosaic novel, volume thirty in the overall series (but you don’t need to read the first twenty-nine to enjoy it,  I… Read more »
  • Horror in New HampshireHorror in New Hampshire
    For all you fans and aspiring writers of Lovecraftian cosmic horror… the Odyssey Writer’s Workshop in New Hampshire is open for applicants for their 2021 conference, and financial aid is available from a variety of sources, including my own Miskatonic… Read more »
  • Coming… Eventually… MaybeComing… Eventually… Maybe
    The story about the adaptation of IN THE LOST LANDS broke a week or so back. And now, hard on the heels of that, comes the announcement  about another story of mine being developed as a movie. “Sandkings” was the… Read more »
  • Gray Alys on the Silver Screen
    I cannot seem to keep out of the news these days. The latest story to break:    “In the Lost Lands” was one of my earliest fantasy stories (most of my work in the 70s was science fiction), the first… Read more »
  • You Will Never Guess What’s In-StoreYou Will Never Guess What’s In-Store
    The wolf has meowed again.   This time in Las Vegas. Omega Mart, the strangest supermarket in all the multiverse, has finally opened in Sin City, where it will be the anchor of the new Area 15 mall.  This is the… Read more »
  • On the Road with Roger ZOn the Road with Roger Z
    The story broke a few days ago, and is now all over the internet: I am developing a new series for HBO, a science fiction show based on ROADMARKS, a novel by the late great Roger Zelazny.   And what do… Read more »
  • The Story of Wild Cards
    For those of you out there curious about Wild Cards, Jason Powell has written a great introduction to the series for ((But be warned.   There are some spoilers)). You can find it at: Catching Up With George R.R. Martin’s… Read more »
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