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2022 Worldcon in Chicago, Chicon 8

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  • New Wild Cards original on
    There’s a brand new Wild Cards original from a brand new Wild Cards author up on “Skin Deep” is from Alan Brennert.   Who is not a new author at all, of course (( though he was back in… Read more »
  • Back to the MidwestBack to the Midwest
    I am so far behind in my Not A Blogging.   This post should have been posted back in June,  but…  better late than never, right? ANYWAY… I was on the road for ten days back in June, to Evanston (where… Read more »
  • A DARK WIND Is RisingA DARK WIND Is Rising
    I moved from Iowa to New Mexico in late 1979.   A few months later, Roger Zelazny took me down to Albuquerque to First Friday, the monthly writer’s luncheon at the Albuquerque Press Club, where I met the bestselling mystery writer… Read more »
  • I See a JOKER MOON RisingI See a JOKER MOON Rising
    Is it a bad moon? Or a new moon, full of hope? You will need to read our new Wild Cards book, JOKER MOON, to find out. Our latest volume, number thirty in the overall series, contains stories by Christopher… Read more »
  • Meet me at the Hellfire Gala!Meet me at the Hellfire Gala!
    Look who gets to join in with the a massive VIP crowd rubbing elbows with the X-Men.  Featured this month in Marvels X-Men #21 myself and my beautiful wife Parris get to be drawn into the the amazing Hellfire Gala… Read more »
  • The Candle Is Burning
    The Candle is back, in “Ripple Effects,” Laura J. Mixon’s great new novella on… for all the Wild Cards fans out there, and for everyone who does not know they are Wild Cards fans yet. Check it out.   It’s… Read more »
  • Meow, Meow, MeowMeow, Meow, Meow
    Way behind on my Meow Wolf updates, so… The House of Eternal Return, the original Meow Wolf installation in Santa Fe, reopened on the Five Year anniversary of our debut.   Covid restrictions are in place, so capacity has been limited…… Read more »
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