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August 2021

79th 25 -29  World Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention in Washington D.C. DisConIII

September 1-5 2022

2022 Worldcon in Chicago, Chicon 8

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  • On the Road with Roger ZOn the Road with Roger Z
    The story broke a few days ago, and is now all over the internet: I am developing a new series for HBO, a science fiction show based on ROADMARKS, a novel by the late great Roger Zelazny.   And what do… Read more »
  • The Story of Wild Cards
    For those of you out there curious about Wild Cards, Jason Powell has written a great introduction to the series for ((But be warned.   There are some spoilers)). You can find it at: Catching Up With George R.R. Martin’s… Read more »
  • The Deuces Return!The Deuces Return!
    The deuces are back.  Puddleman and Chuckles, Cash Mitchell, Gary Bushorn, Father Henry Obst, the Jokertown Boys, the Myth Patrol, and all their friends will be returning… with Croyd Crenson and Demise, and some brand new characters that Wild Card… Read more »
  • 2022 Calendar Art by Arantza Sestayo2022 Calendar Art by Arantza Sestayo
    Heres something beautiful and fun to help us all look forward to the future a little bit more. Artist Arantza Sestayo has delivered gorgeous visions of Westeros and beyond, which will feature in the A Song of Ice and Fire… Read more »
  • Back in Print AgainBack in Print Again
    I have been an editor almost as long as I have been a professional writer (I have been a writer since forever, but I was not a pro until I made my first sale to GALAXY in 1970). The first… Read more »
  • So TrueSo True
  • More SadnessMore Sadness
    The deaths just keep on coming in this worst of all possible years. I was very saddened to read of the death of Ben Bova, another victim of Covid-19 (and Donald J. Trump). Bova was a major science fiction writer,… Read more »
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