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August 2021

79th 25 -29  World Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention in Washington D.C. DisConIII

September 1-5 2022

2022 Worldcon in Chicago, Chicon 8

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  • Keep Your Masks OnKeep Your Masks On
    The pandemic is not over.   We are deep in the midst of the predicted second wave.   And who knows how many more surges will follow this one?   Too many, unless more of us do a better job of staying in… Read more »
  • Writing…Writing…
    This writing stuff is hard. Even so, it has been going well of late.   Three more chapters completed this past week.   And good progress on several more. Still a long long way to go, though.   Do not get too excited.… Read more »
  • The Knaves Are BackThe Knaves Are Back
    Hey, Wild Carders!   Did you miss KNAVES OVER QUEENS, the first book in our British triad, and the twenty-sixth in the overall series (or possibly the twenty-seventh, depending on whether you go by the British or American release dates)? Have… Read more »
  • Rocket Time!
    Worldcon is coming up in a month’s time, down in Wellington, New Zealand… Or at least it would be, if not for the pandemic.   Which New Zealand has handled splendidly, for what it’s worth.   If only America had done half… Read more »
  • Writing, Reading, Writing
    I have to confess, after half a year of pandemic, quarantine, and social distancing, I am showing signs of cabin fever… half of which is quite literal in my case.  Yes, I am in an actual cabin in the mountains.  … Read more »
  • The Amazing John Picacio
    SFWA held its Nebula Awards ceremonies last week, and John Picacio, artist extraordinaire, was one of the winners of this year’s Kate Wilhelm Solstice Award… not for his art, but for his contributions to the science fiction and fantasy community.… Read more »
  • Picacio Speaks
    Every two weeks or so, we upload new posts on our official Wild Cards blog at Our latest blog post is from the one and only JOHN PICACIO, the latest winner of SFWA’s Solstice Award (which I had the… Read more »
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