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  • Six Days to Joe
    Six days to go.  Six days to Joe. Leaphorn, that is. It is June 6 as I type this.   Next weekend, JUNE 12, will see the debut of DARK WINDS on AMC  and AMC+. Yes, it has “Winds” in the… Read more »
  • Stonemaiden Is Back
    There’s a brand new treat for Wild Cards fans over at “Hearts of Stone” is a terrific new novelette from Emma Newman.   It marks the return of Stonemaiden, the Cornish ace first introduced in KNAVES OVER QUEENS.   That was… Read more »
  • Here Come The Dragons
    Are those dragons I see? Yes indeed. It’s May, which means the August 21 premiere of HOUSE OF THE DRAGON is only a few months away. And HBO has just released a new trailer, to give you another taste of… Read more »
  • The Winds of June
    The Dark Winds will start blowing in June.   June 12, to be precise. That’s the day that DARK WINDS, a new series based on the classic bestselling Navajo detective novels by Tony Hillerman, will premiere on AMC and AMC+.   I… Read more »
  • The Dragons Are Coming…The Dragons Are Coming…
    … they’re on the wing, and will be arriving in August. Details here: Read more »
    We’re so excited to announce The Rise of The Dragon, a lavish visual history of House Targaryen – the iconic family at the heart of HBO’s Game of Thrones prequel series, House of the Dragon – featuring over 180 all-new… Read more »
  • Dealer Takes TwoDealer Takes Two
    Kings and deuces may not be as iconic… or ominous… a poker hand as aces and eights, but it’s not a bad hand to be dealt… and Tor will be dealing those cards to all the Wild Cards fans out… Read more »
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