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  • At the Smodcastle
    New Jersey is in my blood.   I was born in Bayonne in 1948, and hardly set foot outside the city until I finally went off to college in 1966, way way off to Northwestern in scenic Evanston, Illinois.   Most of… Read more »
  • Talking Tolkien — and My Stuff Too
    My appearance with Stephen Colbert was another highlight of my trip back east. You may have seen the episode as aired, but that one was cut for time.   The full version appeared only on line. This was the second time… Read more »
  • Home Again
    I am back in the Land of Enchantment, as of the day before yesterday.   I’ve been away for three weeks or thereabouts, in New York City, New Jersey, and finally Chicago.   I don’t lug a laptop around with me when… Read more »
  • Minions here Announcing two upcoming events with George!Minions here Announcing two upcoming events with George!
    INTERNATIONAL VIRTUAL EVENT Monday, October 24th at 7PM ET Link to purchase tickets here:   NEW YORK CITY IN-PERSON EVENT WITH NEIL GAIMAN Thursday, October 27th at 7PM ET Hosted by Symphony Space Link to purchase tickets here:… Read more »
  • Wild Cards DayWild Cards Day
    It’s September 15 again… Wild Cards Day! Seventy six years ago, the Takisian virus was released upon an unsuspecting world.   Nothing has ever been the same. Here’s to the aces who have inspired us, to the jokers, and to all… Read more »
  • The Dragons Are Here
    Tonight’s the night. It has been three years since GAME OF THRONES wound up its run on HBO… and way way longer since we began the development of the successor series that eventually became HOUSE OF THE DRAGON. You have… Read more »
  • Let His Voice Be HeardLet His Voice Be Heard
    Let me be clear.  I do not know Salman Rushdie.   Oh, I know OF him, of course.   He has been one of the world’s most celebrated authors for decades now.   I have seen him on television, read about him in… Read more »
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